Gerrard – Not Guilty

Steven Gerrard’s court case today closed with the player being found not guilty of affray in an incident involving a part-time DJ at a bar in Southport in December 2008.

The player walks free after the court agreed he was acting in self defence.

The jury of 7 women and 5 men took only 67 minutes to reach their verdict at the crown court.

Steven Gerrard may now take part in tonight’s Liverpool XI friendly at Tranmere.

Steven Gerrard cleared of affray

Steven Gerrard gave a brief statement outside the court

‘I’m glad to put this case behind me and to get back to concentrating on my football.

I’d like to thank my legal team, my family and friends and the support of Liverpool Football Club.”

The judge appeared to agree with the verdict in his summing up:

“The verdict is a credible verdict on the full facts of this case, and you walk away from this court with your reputation intact.

“You did not start the violence, it was started by the violent elbowing of Marcus McGee in the face by one of your friends John Doran,” he added.

“At all times you insisted that you only ever acted in what you believed was reasonable self-defence to what you understandably, albeit you accept mistakenly, believed was an attempted attack upon you by Marcus McGee.

“What at first sight to the casual observer may seem to have been a clear-cut case against you of unlawful violence, has been nowhere near as clear-cut upon careful analysis of the evidence.”

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  • Fonz

    The toughest thing about success is that you’ve got to keep on being a success. Talent is only a starting point in this business. You’ve got to keep on working that talent. Someday I’ll reach for it and it won’t be there.

  • Imran

    We’re all allowed a few mistakes in life!.If something like this had happened on the street then no one would have made a fuss out of it but here the DJ accusing our skipper probably thought he could make some easy money!

    Hard luck dude so go back to your life of playing Music in a nightclub!

  • TG

    I don’t think i will be seeing Marcus McGee around Liverpool or Southport much in the future, Talk about painting a target on your back. Did anyone see even a chair turned over in the bar?, No. Did anyone see broken glass or windows?, No. So much for a bar brawl.

  • Ronald Zampa

    Well done still Love you and stay cool

  • Mike Lee

    Just goes to show what you can get way with if you have enough money.
    Gerrard behaved as expected of him and modern footballers – a common yob, with disregard for the law and no respect for anybody. To call a priest as your character witness and to be found not guilty, says as much about the jury as it does about Gerrard. A simple thug who is handy with his feet – a disgrace to football.

    • Sounds a bit of a libellous comment that. Considering Steven Gerrard was found innocent of all charges.

      Cleared by 12 men and women. Just wait for the Manc to sell his story now.

      Marcus McGee. Unlucky lad.

      • miki

        its a great news and now we will win the league!!!

    • Ian Cade

      Your right about one thing Mike…… If you have money and get into a scuffle someone will go crying to the police and the scumbag lawers. I bet if you or I had slapped that dj he wouldn`t have even called his mum

      • M Court

        This is an unforunate incident and it’s unlikely than anybody involved is a scumbag. I am sure Steve regrests the incident and will not fall into this trap again.

  • Claire Parry

    Well Done! Still love ya, stay cool xx

  • Gagac

    Expected verdict ! Just concentrate on football and keep up the good work !

  • TG

    The media must be gutted he was found not guilty, It’s even better that the DJ was a manc.