Liverpool back to number one in UEFA ranking

UEFA Champions League LogoAccording to official UEFA rankings Liverpool FC are back in top position in the list of European Clubs after their fine start to the European campaign this season.

The UEFA coefficient data ranks teams based on results and standard of opposition in European competitions over 5 seasons. (or since Rafa arrived).

1 Liverpool FC (114.077)
2 Chelsea FC (110.077)
3 Barcelona (109.403)
4 AC Milan (109.306)
5 Arsenal (101.077)
6 Sevilla (100.403)
7 Man Utd (99.077)
8 Bayern Munich (93.664)
9 Lyon (90.576)
10 Inter Milan (87.306)

Liverpool also have the highest ranking for this present season with (18.1775 points) closely followed by Bayern Munich, who handed out a 5-0 demolition at Sporting Lisbon tonight.

Everton are ranked 54th, 5 places behind Bolton and 16 places behind Middlesbrough.

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Liverpool back to number one in UEFA ranking

  1. It’s not over yet, Man U still have to face Villa, Man city, LIVERPOOL FC, Spurs and Arsenal……there’s a strong possibility that points can be dropped in these games. Keep the faith LFC fans and hope for a title race down to the last game of the season.

  2. Dave B,
    I accept that if Liverpool are to compete at the top the draws need to become wins. My point is that Liverpool do not try to win those games. The Boro game was a perect example. Gerrard was involved in everything positive Liverpool did (as usual) so what does Rafa do? Takes him off when they are trying to rescue a point. That is the issue, a lack of balls when it comes to winning games. I mean he sold Keane, just cutting off his nose to spite his face. OK he may have been Parry’s signing but surely he could have been used on Saturday. Rafa didn’t play him on principal, that is not in the best interest of LFC. FACT.

  3. Rafa’s doing the business in Europe!.All he has to do is make us this good domestically and he’ll shut up critics like me!.Maybe we can have two seperate coeaches,one for Europe and another one for home!

  4. Fred the red, Arsenal are not on a lower budget than liverpool as far as I can see. Its just been in the sports news that arsenal have made big profits again for the last financial year. Thats not because of the stadium like everyone says but because Wenger hardly ever spends money on big players. Theres only Arshavin recently that I can think of, he spends little bits every now and then on youth players, whereas Rafa spent was it £8m on Dossena.
    Im still firmly behind Rafa, he can take us to the top. In the premier league aswell. I know weve fallen away recently but we were top for about 3,4 months. We just need to turn a few of the the draws into wins, especially at home, and we’ll be right up there.
    Lets get another win at Anfield in the second leg against Madrid and really consolidate our position at the top of the rankings.

  5. I would like to point out to John (above) that liverpool would still be in the UEFA cup had the premier league not had four positions allocated. Liverpool almost didn’t get through te qualifying match if you remember.
    Watching a Benitez team is like watching a game of chess. Not the beautiful game which we want to see. Over the past five years the difference between liverpool and Arsenal is one final went their way. Arsenal have been consistantly higher in the league and are on a lower budget. At least Arsenal fans get to see their team playing good football and trying to win games.

  6. Defensive boring football is effective in knock-out competitions. Fortune however favours the brave and if a league title is to be won anytime soon liverpool have to play as though they can beat anyone.
    Stats mean nothing without trophies and liverpool have none!

  7. good job rafa and all staff of liverpool you are the best and i love you. just keep this way. And also i want to say lucas is bad player :s don’t put him in game pleasi RAFA. From Kosovo

  8. We’ve known this for years,but with the manc press in control of whats published in the media,don’t be suprised if there is very little mention of it.If it was them it would be on telly & headlined on all the major tabloids.

  9. Incredible to think how little respect raga gets from the English media when over 5 years his team are ranked number 1 in Europe. People forget that Liverpool were more often in the uefa cup before he arrived. Also we should remember liverpool are only about the 10th richest club in Europe and are doing it on the cheap compared to the likes of Chelsea ant man utd.

  10. Everton are ranked 54th, 5 places behind Bolton and 16 places behind Middlesbrough.

    HAHAHAHHAAA, that’s the only stat I’ll remember by tomorrow HAHHAAA

  11. As said since Rafa has been here, says it all really doesn’t it, as they all say he’s doing a bad job and needs to go.

    Open your eyes will ya.

    Long Live Rafa’s reign

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