Liverpool get the bitters in FA Cup

Liverpool were first out of the glass orb for the FA Cup 4th round draw and out next were our blue friends from across Stanley Park.

The reds are set for a league and FA Cup clash within days of each other, both at Anfield, towards the end of this month.

The league fixture is on Monday 19th January and the FA Cup tie is expected the weekend after – most probably this game will be televised.

The full draw for the fourth round is:

Liverpool v Everton
Southampton/Man Utd v Tottenham
Hull/Newcastle v Millwall/Crewe
Sunderland v Blyth/Blackburn
Hartlepool v West Ham
Leyton Orient/Sheff Utd v Charlton/Norwich
Cardiff v Arsenal
Portsmouth/Bristol City v Histon/Swansea
Chelsea/Southend v Ipswich
Cheltenham/Doncaster v Aston Villa
West Brom/Peterborough v QPR/Burnley
Torquay v Coventry
Kettering Town v Fulham
Watford v Leicester/Crystal Palace
Derby County v Nottingham Forest
Birmingham City/Wolves v Middlesbrough

12 comments on
Liverpool get the bitters in FA Cup

  1. Blue, what are you doing leaving bitter sny comments on a Liverpool fc website? You’ve just proved everything we all know about Everton fans! I wont go into it because id just be repeating what everyone else has already said!
    Though it was a bad draw seeing as though we now play them twice in the space of a few days! both at Anfield though. But weve stuffed them once already this season so lets go do it twice more on the way to winning a league and cup double, come on you mighty reds!!!

  2. dear blue,
    thanks for taking the time to have a look a what a real football website looks like.Please,take your time and have a good look,browse and when you realise what you’ve been missing..get yourself to JJB Sports.Buy the red shirt (Torres No.9 or Gerrard No.8 looks good on the back) then go and stand on the kop and watch how the game should be played….at the real peoples club

  3. Cant wait to resolve these 2 games against the most bitter ugly hateful of the human race.
    The hatred they have for us is truly out of this world.
    It shows in their personalities as they are the most horrible persons (if you could call them that) and you can tell them a mile off.
    We have grown to hate them as much(not quite)as they hate us our home town club as ‘if you dont like me then i wont like you!’
    Cummon mighty reds lets give it to them twice more this season, although we might have to go to their shite house in a replay to do it.

  4. “Blue”, why would you be poking around on a Liverpool site? Shouldn’t you be worrying about us ending any chance you had of winning anything this season, rather than making snide comments?

    Anyhow, like I said, this will end Neverton’s chance for any silverware – we are their season-enders, and boy will it feel good!

  5. Blue, who are you refering to?

    Coz Liverpool are not know as “The Bitters”, Everton are!

    So what your’e so curious about?

  6. Should be a handy one?
    Extra game for Torres to get his fitness back.

    Hopefully Everton can sign a striker before then and make a game of it??????????????

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