Mascherano ‘tired’ of England

mascheranoJust when you thought the Mascherano story had been put to bed, the player will be back on collision course with Rafa Benitez after his agent once again took centre-stage, attempting to get Barcelona back involved with a bid for the 25 year old Argentine.

His agent Walter Tamer, was quoted by Argentine news site Infobae.

“Barcelona is the easiest deal to set up as Javier wants to go to Spain. He is tired of life in England.

“His wife has not been given a permanent visa. She has to go through an odyssey each time she wants to go.

“Liverpool refuse to sell, but this can be overcome with an extraordinary offer.”

Mascherano is with the Liverpool squad who are shortly due to kick off in Thailand. Benitez is believed to have told Mascherano that he is going nowhere this summer.

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Mascherano ‘tired’ of England

  1. Are you kiddin’ me!!?.Mascherano’s career was going nowhere at West Ham then Rafa comes in and saves his behind!.If the rumours are true then this ungrateful little Argentinian needs to be told the way it is just like Alonso who was another nobody until he came to Liverpool!

    My heart says that it’s his agent who wants a move for him so he can fill his own pockets in the process.

  2. I like your comment Kennedy 😉 I’d say Masch has had his say as it looks like all the other comments were posted by an Argentine srtuggling with his English. But seriously, has Masch commented on the situation? I would’ve thought if he was happy to stay at Liverpool he’d come out & say as much. I’d rather him go than Alonso but that’s just my opinion.

  3. Those agents a BLOOD SUCKER money only. What they know about playing football in England ??? What they know is only spread stupid rumour around, so any other club can be fool by the Money Sucker. Maschereno is the only person that making the decision about staying or leaving. Not his agent. Leave Mascherano and Alonso alone. They are not your Agents slave.

  4. what is wrong with these hungry agents who make more money than the players themself. All they know is to fight for their own selfish interest and not the player. Now tell me,has Mascherano come out to say he is tired of England? is this hungry lion playing for him in England to acertain if is tired of England or not? England is the best foriegn land to settle co’s English is a global language. why on earth should he speak for masc. This matter has to do with masc personal view if he want to leave or not. An agent work is to negotiate and work out plans on behalf of his client if he gives you the go ahead to do so.
    These so called agent are found of the money they will get from
    deals not minning the consequences such players will face in future. I think it is high time FIFA should do somthing about these selfish agents.

  5. when is rafa guna kill mashas agent the guy is a p@i*k and needs to stop trying to create a move to barca, mascha is happy so are we now get back under your rock..

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