Michael Owen set for Man Utd move

Former Liverpool striker Michael Owen has officially signed for Manchester United.

The player was available on a free contract.

Michael Owen’s agents sent out a brochure about the player to all Premier League managers and it seems that Alex Ferguson feels that the former Liverpool man may be just what he needs.

Michael Owen left Liverpool for Real Madrid without playing a single game under new manager Rafa Benitez in a desire to win trophies but the move turned disastrous as the player lost his England place and failed to land a single honour since – as he watched Liverpool go on to win a 5th European cup.

Rafa Benitez was presented with an opportunity to bring Owen back from Spain, but decided to wait until the summer to capture Fernando Torres instead.

Owen played 297 times for Liverpool.

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Michael Owen set for Man Utd move

  1. On reflection i’m glad Rafa didn’t bring him back. He’s too much of a risk. Plagued by injuries in his time at Newcastle and he’s probably passed his best now anyway. He’ll probably just be a bench warmer at Man U, i cant see him playing ahead of Rooney and Berbatov. He should never have gone money grabbing and left Liverpool in the first place then he would probably have still been a respected international.

  2. You can say what you like about Michael he is still one of the great strikers that ever wore the liverpool shirt. In my opinion as a Liverpool supporter for over 20 years “RAFA you missed an oppertunity of a life time” Unless we find a second good striker “not taking Michael on board” will come back to haunt us.
    To all the Liverpool supporters bad mouthing him about his move to United i think you are dreading the fact that he will be the difference between us beating Man U.

  3. i thought he was a legend,iv got his name on my liverpool and england shirts,you can guess where the shirts are going,in the bin,nope better yet,going to burn them.all i can say about him is he is a money grabbing self obsessed man u scum,michael you went down when you jumped ship leaving liverpool,you were awful at real,haha you got the geordies relegated,now im just waiting to see what kind of jinx and bad luck you take to the scum

  4. I feel he’s done what he had to do for himself and will have to accept that all LFC fans will dislike him for it. His going the Real Madrid was worse and he got his payback for that when we won the CL.
    What worries me is that last week nobody was talking about him and no club was serious about signing him. Now that Fergie has made his move, we are all wondering if he’s pulled off a brilliant move (again, I hate to say) or if Owen will flop. Either way its cost Utd nothing. And I saw somewhere that Owen claimed he would have come back to Anfield for just £20,000 a week. I give Rafa the benefit of the doubt – but only just!!

  5. I thought Michael Owen was a legend for Liverpool i`m shocked that he`s joined them wank why i heard he had a choice between Wank Utd and Hull city. WHY not Hull he could of got back to his peak their till that contract ran out then come back to Liverpool what a TRAITER.

  6. Owen is waste material, NO trust & No Sole. Look at Carlos Tevez, he know the rivalry between Liverpool & MU and this why he said choose not to come to Anfield, even given a chance. I believed Owen is a JINX & this happen in Real & will happen again in MU.

    The EPL tittle we be our . Thank you Michael Jinx.

  7. Rarely has anyone left Anfield and gone on to better things (perhaps Mcmanaman,champs league)
    Owen has just joined those statistics.
    He didn’t give Rafa a chance back in 05 and were is he now.
    Sold his soul to that shower, it makes me sick seeing him with that
    shit top on

  8. I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

    Only joking, I was seriously p1$$ed off when I heard the turncoat had signed for United.

    Still, hope his leg falls off.

  9. look 30 goals cost newcastle 40mill. heard heis getting 20 grand a week plus bonuses. if he crosses ferguson, then he will get benched for the rest of the season. good luck micheal you had it good at anfield

  10. In fairness I think this is a good bit of business for Utd. I’ve never really been a Michael Owen fan, I never really thought he had the technical ability to justify such a huge reputation. In addition, he always seemed to be more of an England player than a true Liverpool player putting his commitment to our club in question. However, he can score goals and his record proves that. True he is injury prone, but he has cost Utd nothing exept for his wages of course and therefore was well worth a punt.

    Without turning this post into a lesson in manc appreciation, I do think Owen will score goals at a club like Utd, purely becuase they create so many chances. Taking into account our current financial plight, I feel slightly disapointed that we didn’t take a chance on him. Could he have done any worse than Ngog or Voronin? This deal kind of sums up how are transfer window has gone really. We’ve paid vastly over the odds for a player we don’t really need and can nowhere near afford those players we really want and need. The most significant transfer activity at anfield this season may be players leaving the club rather than new faces coming in. As this ever happened in our history? Feeling very sceptical about next season.

  11. Michael Owen even when he was at Anfield only ever cared about his england place , when Rafa came he never gave him a chance and as for the Liverpool fans ,to sign for the mancs is a slap in the face but lets hope to have the last laugh and win the prem and I hope Gerrard does not criticise the Kop for the torrent of abuse he is bound to recieve on his return ,the little shit.

  12. I don’t feel anything bad towards Saint Michael but I am not happy to say the least. His signing will prove to be another stroke of genius for Fergie and that is what Benitez should have realised before this happened. Not good for Red fans but what did we expect?

  13. as a newcastle fan i thought i’d have a look at LFC’s reaction to this. Our club was a shambles during his time here. Fair enough. However, his couldn’t care less attitude really went beyond the pale. He was especially disinterested during our run in last season when we needed him most. But, hey, he couldnt risk an injury when he was due to a free on July 1st. What an absolute shyster. This bloke will retire with a bulging bank account and knowing the cost of everything and the value of nothing. I have nothing but disgust for this fella.

  14. I think owen would have jumped on the opportunity to play again for liverpool but rafa didnt want him. I can understand this career move because he wants to play for england again and this is probably the best club to help him with that.

    I know that if he would have signed for liverpool the headlines would say “the legend is back”, and all this crying is just because of his choice of club. I would show the man a little respect after all he has done for the club.

  15. ………… and he used to wonder why Fowler was idolised, this is why Micheal, you were never on the same wavelength as the fans……… pace was a major major part of Owen’s game when he was at his peak, that’s gone now. Still, I reckon he is better than Berbatov. Should get a goal in every 3/4 appearanced for Utd.

  16. Man Utd seemed to have signed Michael Owen in sheer desperation after having lost both Ronaldo and Tevez.Furthermore,Benzema also rejected them in favour of Real but i wonder why they didn’t go for Villa seeing that they’ve a good few million to spend?

    Rafa was never interested in bringing Owen back to Anfield so we shouldn’t worry who signs him because his dodgy knee is sure to give in sooner or later.Seeing the comings and goings at OT so far the Mancs definetly look vulnerable.

  17. Owen was once hailed as a Liverpool legend , now all that he did for the club will be washed from supporters minds

    I still cannot believe that he has signed for Man Utd knowing how much people hate those b*****ds

    Look forward to seeing you at Anfield u little turncoat w**ker !!

  18. He made his choices – and sold his soul.
    Home is where the heart is and it obviously wasn’t at Anfield. The word legend is used to freely in most cases so to define what it means to me I would use these examples:
    Liddel, Paisley, Clemence, Yeats, E.Hughes, Souness, St. John, King Kenny, Hansen, Lawrenson, Barnes, Rush, McAllister, Gerrard, Carra, Sami to name a few.
    Owen? Not quite but he did some impressive stuff with us – leaving us left a bitter taste in the mouth but I wish him well. I’m sure we’ll give him a famous welcome back to Anfield – if he isn’t injured prior to that 😉

  19. i hope he realises that every liverpool fan in the entire world will hate his guts even if he returns to liverpool in the future. he’s a glory seeker thats why he went to real in the first place and doesnt deserve to be a liverpudlian after what he has now done. :@

  20. I hope his knee explodes during the first minute of his first game.
    He is the biggest turn coat and rat ever to have played for Liverpool.
    Legend my As-, Money grabbing Twat.

    As for his horses, hope they all contract the Abeola virus.
    Signing for Man Ushited, will suit him with the rest of the snakes.

  21. I think this was always going to happen with him, he only ever really cared about england and thats still all he wants. The sad fact is that Owen became desperate ever since his Madrid adventure fell apart and the same can be said for united, they have lost their two most influential players and no one of any significance want’s to sign for them. I lost all respect for Michael “turncoat” Owen the day he left so nothings changed for me .

  22. i think all those fans who said he was a “legend” will realise now he never was or never will be legend, that title only goes to the true honest redmen we all love, he was a rat that jumped ship and has won nothing since, you will get hell when you come to anfield glass back

    • as a newcastle fan, this little money grabbing shit-house was not fit to wear the shirt of newcastle united or Liverpool, we are a club that is a complete shambles however he still sat on his arse and took our money, no heart no bottle for the fight all the qualities for a man utd player. simple fact is he’s a expensive luxury who plays when he wants to, would he actually get into the current LFC team!? I don’t think so, he’d probably end up injured when he cleaned torres’ boots! I sincerely hope he gets the treatment he deserves at Anfield and a bit extra for us geordies cos god knows how long it’ll be before we can let him know our true feelings! wishing LFC luck for the title!
      NUFC forever

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