Pennant set to extend Liverpool career

Jermaine PennantAccording to the Liverpool Echo, the reds have been in discussion with Sky Andrews, Pennant’s agent, about adding an extra year on to his Liverpool FC contract.

Despite the plethora of transfer speculation, the player has so far remained at Anfield and with his current contract due to expire this summer could leave for nothing in the summer – handing the player a lucrative signing on fee with the club of his choice and Liverpool with nothing.

However, it is our understanding that there is a little bit more to this than meets the eye.

Even though Pennant has made only 4 reds appearances this season, his contract is widely believed to contain a clause stipulating that an automatic year contract extension will be added if the player makes more than 13 appearances in this current season.  Indeed his arrival in the summer of 2006 was with the signing of a 4 year contract.  In the normal circumstances of him playing the required number of games this would therefore see his contract not end until 2010.

Pennant therefore has a number of options.

He can either move during this January transfer window.

He can sign a one year contract extension.

Or he can run the risk of the reds automatically triggering a one year contract extension by involving him in a number of games over the rest of the season (even from the bench).

Will he stay or will he go?

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Pennant set to extend Liverpool career

  1. i honestly think JP is a great player, unfortunately we have such a top squad he’s obviously not getting enough chances to build up his confidence,as is the likes of Babel,etc.

  2. rafa needs to concentrate on the strength of pennant and put any other differences aside having a player with his abilities not being fielded is stubborn plus it would be an ideal option to give kuyt a well deserved rest against lesser problematic teams[he says whilst whatching stoke holding there own]

  3. hope the club get ride of him, no second chances should be given to someone like him.
    He has made more appearances in night clubs this season than on the pitch.
    Bet if he was on a pay as you play deal, the attitude would be different?
    Pennant gets paid very well and is lucky to be at a club like Liverpool, however these wages and his talent is taken for granted.
    Lets give Adam Hamaill or Paul Anderson a chance instead of this waste of space.

  4. when he is at his best he can really add to the reds speedy,good passer. think his off field lifestyle is hampering his passion and desrire. he has the potential thats for sure

  5. Pennant should be given another chance… He is the best crosser in the Premier League. I will select Pennant ahead of Kuyt on right flank. YNWA

  6. Pennant is a very good player and is dedicated to our Club.
    I firmly believe that Rafa should give him a last chance to change and to prove himself.

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