Rafa cautious with Aquilani

AquilaniRafa Benitez is likely to leave Alberto Aquilani on the sidelines until the end of October as the player continues to step up his training at Melwood.

The Italian midfielder has been beset with injuries in the last 2 years – some of the blame the player believes lay with Roma’s constant change in medical personnel.

Rafa Benitez has been pleased with the players progress over the last fortnight but is likely to leave his return until after the clash with Manchester United on the 25th October.

Benitez said to the Liverpool Echo:

“I have been speaking to the doctors and things are going well with him.

“Alberto is progressing all the time. It could be two to three weeks before he is back.

“But we need to use caution. If it is two weeks everyone will say ‘that is fantastic’ but if it is three, everyone will say it is not a problem. I think that we have to be careful.

“We will take it one step at a time and we have the international break to look forward to now. That will be good for him, as he will have some more time (to recover without missing any games).”

“He is running and swimming – I think he will have the record in the swimming pool by the end of his programme – and he is working in the gym.

“He is doing almost everything and he is doing some things with the team. The only thing he is not doing is kick a ball – not yet anyway.”

The reds take on Arsenal in the League Cup 4th Round on the 28th October at the Emirates Stadium.

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Rafa cautious with Aquilani

  1. I agree with Rafa!!!!.Aquilani should only join the first team after he’s fully recovered otherwise he’ll go down again like a pack of cards!.He’s had this knee problem for a while that the Roma medical team has been unable to completely heal thus it keeps reoccuring so we must nail it in the bud!

    Can’t afford wasting another £25 million eh Rafa???

  2. Be nice to see what he’s made of his stats on pro evo 2010 and fifa 10 aren’t great for 20mil but hopefully he’ll be better as a liverpool player with better players and more suitable systems around him than at Roma.

    No chance of taking a gamble against manure probably get some time in that Arsenal game since its a cup fixture anyway.

    Everyone wishes you well Alberto hope to see you creating some good chances for Toress Kuyt and Stevie ASAP.

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