Rafa: Sammy key to title push

Rafa has highlighted Sammy Lee’s contribution in Liverpool’s Premier League title charge.

Sammy Lee and the backroom boys

The Assistant Manager who arrived at Anfield in the summer has been a key element in Liverpool’s backroom staff which has seen a number of changes in the last 18 months.

Speaking to the official site, Rafa said:

“Sammy is someone every player respects.

“He is very positive and is always pushing. He is a great motivator, so it was a very good addition.

“He is a person who knows the club and he’s doing a really good job.

“I don’t know any manager who is the perfect manager, so no number two can be perfect. But if you ask me if he is close to being the perfect number two then I think he is.

“The only thing he can improve a little bit is his English!”

Sammy Lee took most of Rafa’s workload on during the manager’s illness around Christmas time. ┬áRafa also gave special praise to the other members of the bootroom.

“We are really pleased with Sammy, but also with other members of the staff like Mauricio, Paco, Xavi and Dave – they’re all working very hard,”

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Rafa: Sammy key to title push

  1. You’ve got to love Sammy when Liverpool score a goal! He goes absolutely mental! Complete contrast to Rafa! Liverpool needed him, we needed a strong English presence in the coaching staff and there’s noone better for that job than Sammy. Now all we need is a couple more English players! He has been key this season and if we can get King Kenny back at the club in any sort of role that can only be a good thing aswell.

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