Rafa unsure of Alonso’s future

Rafa Benitez has admitted he doesn’t know if Xabi Alonso will play for Liverpool FC again as journalists continued to question the reds boss about the midfielder.

“You never know, you have to ask him.

“Everyone has been asking me about the same question for two months. I think it’s a question for him, not us.

“We signed him five years ago and we renewed his contract two years ago.

“We know that he’s a great player and that’s the reason we signed him and renewed his contract.

“We were not talking with Real Madrid and he knows our position.

“I was very clear the other day. He is our player and has three more years on his contract.

“At the end of the day it all depends on him.”

Xabi Alonso has not taken the step of submitting a transfer request, but has cut a disconsolate figure on Liverpool’s far east tour.  Rafa has been keen to highlight the fact that he would prefer Alonso to remain at Anfield.

One player who certainly appears Madrid bound is Alvaro Arbeloa – who is in the last year of his contract after failing to sign a new deal.  Arbeloa was not involved in yesterday’s game and is believed to be heading to Madrid for a medical.

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Rafa unsure of Alonso’s future

  1. Maybe its time to let him go and try to sign a replacement . but if I were Rafa I would squeeze every penny out of Real Madrid after the way they have acted by openly courting the player

  2. I agree … no player is bigger than the club and i don’t agree that he is the difference between us winning the league or not because we are better than any 1 player ( stevie aside ) .
    Don’t get me wrong Alonso is world class and i want him to stay because i believe we’d have a more stable side next season , i also think we should be adding quality not replacing it but all that being said i am sick of this ongoing saga with alonso + masch and in my opinion if everything about them leaving is true they are cowards for not stating their position and asking for a transfer ( i know alonso has rang rafa but he hasn’t made an official transfer request ) and masch is worse with his agent prancing around acting like a clown.
    I think this needs to be over now whatever that means .

  3. This whole thing has been dragging on for to long so it’s time that Xabi came out and told everyone if he’s staying or leaving.We need to find a replacement if he decided to join Real but i’m confident that he’ll stay.

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