Red duo eager for new season

Pepe Reina and Lucas Leiva have expressed their disappointment at failing to catch United, but are ready for the challenge of the new season.

Speaking to the official site Reina insisted the reds will be all out to land the title after what will be a 20 year gap for England’s most succesful football club.

“I think we have already beaten the club record in terms of points and we tried our hardest to do our best, but it wasn’t enough because United didn’t slip at any time and they were quite strong so we have to congratulate them and keep pushing for the next few years,” he said.

“We are really proud to be closer but we will be even prouder to win it. That’s the next step.

“We are becoming a stronger team because when I first joined Liverpool we were something like 30 points behind them and now it is only three or four points, so we have to keep pushing them and try to win it next season.

“We needed to win because before yesterday, there were still two games to play and we want to win both of them.”

Reina was pleased that the reds got the result at the weekend, even though it condemned West Brom to relegation.

“Knowing that Man United had become champions on Saturday meant that we had to give everything to try and finish second and also to be as professional as we can..

“They (West Brom) missed a lot of chances and the final result probably wasn’t the fairest ever but I think we tried to play quickly, knowing that they would need to go forward because they needed to win.

“I thought they played really well but unfortunately they have now been relegated but we have to look out only for ourselves and keep on winning.”

Lucas Leiva hopes the reds can go further this season and reach 86 points.

“We have showed that we have the quality to fight for the title and we will desperate to go one better and win it next season.

“We have 83 points and if we could finish the season with 86 points that would be a record for the club. Next season our challenge is to get more than 86 points and try to win the title.”

And in a scene that will be familiar to millions of Liverpool supporters, Lucas admitted he was reaching for the remote control on Saturday.

“I watched the game but when they were about to receive the trophy I switched off my TV,” said Lucas.

“Manchester United deserve the title because they have been consistent but we know we can do it next season.

“Last year in January 2008 we were out of the fight for the race for the title but this year we were right up there challenging, so that shows we are a good team.

“We have to believe in ourselves next season and we have the quality to win the title.”

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Red duo eager for new season

  1. Spurs eliminated us from the carling cup as well as defeating us in the league match at White Hart Lane where we dominated for long periods!We owe them a good thrashing so hope the boys remember the aforementioned results!.

    I’m expecting us to finish the season in style by giving them a solid beating thus avenging the two previous meetings.We have certain standards to maintain where as teams like Spurs are just also-rans without any real ambition.Lets take them to the cleaners on Saturday by piling up a cricket score against them!.We owe them big time so make them pay lads!

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