Reds linked to Kuwaiti sale

Nasser Al KharafiAccording to reports from the BBC and the Daily Telegraph, Liverpool chiefs have been discussing the potential sale of part or all of the club to Kuwaiti businessman Nasser Al-Kharafi.  Listed as the 48th richest man in the world, the businessman is believed to have been in discussions with the club at the instigation of Tom Hicks.

Phil Nash and Ian Ayre, the club’s commercial director, are believed to be involved in the discussions which were initially concerning assistance in the construction of the new stadium.

Rumours suggest that the Americans want around £600 million for the club – they paid only £215 million to acquire the club two years ago and have made little to no progress on the new stadium.

According to the newspaper this is the second time the owners have tried to sell the club to this family, and the paper also speaks of a renewed breakdown in relations between Hicks and Gillett.

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Reds linked to Kuwaiti sale

  1. We need to clear the air and start fresh with positive feelings around our great club.
    New owners would hopefully move us forward.
    We can start by beatin the blue s—e on Sunday.

  2. i seriously think this takeover would be welcomed by the majority of liverpool supporters everywhere. and although we are currently doing alot better than in recent seasons,rafa still needs,not only funds to keep the team improving,but a bit of respect and confidence from those people who pay his wages. he’s definitely the right man for the job and with the right people backing him,will take this mighty club back where it belongs.

  3. Well anythings better than the status quo. Owners at loggerheads. Just dirty politics all around. Hope this can move the new stadium forward. Might bring a sense of normality to this great club. You just wonder who’s head will roll?

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