Reds linked with defensive improvements

After Liverpool’s lethargic display yesterday against Tottenham, the reds are continually being linked with defenders.

Liverpool have so far banked £17M in transfer profits in 2009 and after yesterday’s performance Liverpool will be wise to not only use that profit but also receive some form of summer transfer kitty from the club’s owners.

Fernando Amorebieta is the 24 year old centre-back for Athletic Bilbao who is believed to have been watched in last night’s Spanish ‘Charity Shield’ game against Barcelona according to the Daily Mail.

The player who was born in Venezuala, but has dual nationality has played for Spain’s under 21 side ruling him out of a place with the Venezualan national side.

Liverpool will have to stump up around £10M to secure the defender’s services, and he has over 100 appearances to his name at the Spanish La Liga side.

The reds are also still linked with Michael Turner of Hull, and Ryan Shawcross of Stoke City.

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Reds linked with defensive improvements

  1. Our main problem is currently the team is not in form. Our pre season preparation has been poor. If we could play like the last quarter phase of last season we can beat anybody. Buying another player be it a forward or a defender does not guarantee can be of help immedietly. Rafa should be more careful on who to buy now. We spent a fortune on the Italian midfielder from Roma but cant even kick a ball till now. Rafa should strengtened the squad by installing the confidence and play as we used to and smooth passing game that has been our trade mark. We only lost once to a really good team..we shouldn’t be too depreesed about it….

  2. We’re interested in signing more defenders when clearly we lack a forward and a creative player!.Arsene Wenger has proved that a manager doesn’t need to invest millions to play good attacking Football unlike Rafa who seems to have excuses ready before kick off!.

    Neither do we really have any real talent coming from the academy on which we’ve spent or wasted millions.The future isn’t looking bright from where i’m standing…

    If rumours are to be believed perhaps the owners are correct in doubting Rafa’s ability for in my opinion too he’s just to cautious to ever win the Premiership.

  3. Hi lads
    I cannot understand the current transfer policy at Anfield.
    Every year we seem to have a fire sale of talent from our academy.
    Year after year we sell of the best players without giving them a chance.
    For example, think of Niell Warnock, if he had stayed at Liverpool where he would have trained with a better quality player than Blackburn; we could have saved ourselves alot of money in buying the likes of Dossena.

    This year Hamill & Anderson were let go for peanuts. Neil Mellor was also shown the door some years back but was defo better than Vorinin & Ngog.
    We seem to be happy to then spend money on players which are no better.
    Then we cry about not having any money to spend on quality signings.

    Also we never look to the Championship like other clubs.
    Everton & Villa are two clubs who are not afraid at look down the divisions either. Lescott, Delph, Cahill & Young to name afew.
    Remember Newcastle are in the Championship & £15M would have landed us Taylor, Martins & Duff. That sounds like a bargain but would be genuine backup. We could still have signed the likes of Villa or Silva from the remaining transfer budget.

    I think that any English, Irish, Walsh or Scot at the Liverpool academy should look for duel Spainish nationality and then Rafa might give them a chance.

  4. Sotiris Kyrgiakos.
    Please tell me im not reading this, why let Sami go and then bring in unrated players who couldn’t make it for Rangers because he only costs 3million euro, to play for a club like we are. This guy must think all his christmas’s have came at once, cant blame him, or Rafa if he’s not allowed to spend,,,, YANKS MUST GO NOW NOT LATER,, And before you both leave,,, Shove your dollars where the sun dont shine,,, and let Rafa and the fans look after the clubs assets properly…. YNWA LFC ,,,,,, YANKS WILL ALWAYS WALK ALONE.. Cheesed of and have done well not to use abusive lingo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. Look at how Arsenal play against Everton. Their player are young, hard working, fast & determine to prove the critic wrong. How much have they spend? If their player can be fit & injury free, I believed they will finish above us. The main problem for us is that we do not play an attractive & attacking football. What’s the point buying another defensive player, we should be looking for more attacking options. Our philosophy should be score more goal than your opponent & win the match. Hopefully we can play a more attacking formation & win the match…..

  6. Fed up with seeing our team/club goin down the pan!!!
    If we win v Stoke we will be 2 points better off than the same 2 (spurs A & stoke H) games last season.
    We need 2 new good quality faces to prop up the team and give our existing players more confidence!!
    The Mighty Reds LFC
    The King Liverpool

  7. Wait a minute, have people forgotten that we no longer have Hyppia or Arbeloa and Aurelio and Agger, two first choice players are both injured?Skrtel is also a doubt for tomorrows game with Stoke after only just coming back from injury. I think it would be wise to get some defensive cover into the squad.

    Forget about Sol Campbell though, I wouldn’t go anywhere near him after the way he treated us when he was still a spurs player. A meeting was arranged between Campbell, Houllier, and Phil Thompson to discuss a potential transfer to anfield. Campbell couldn’t be arsed to show up, instead sending his agent Sky Andrews, preferring a move to Arsenal. Muppett. Never mind though, no champions league medals for him!

  8. Dave B, I don’t have anything wrong with signing British players as long as they will play first team football but i’m sorry, i know he is from your home town but do you think he is really a LIVERPOOL 1st teamer??? and will he play enough to either make a difference or even break into the England squad? I realise he played every game last season and his fitness is impecable but hand on heart will he be a GREAT signing because that is what LFC need.

  9. dosent look like that’s going to happen now as rafas only been given 1.5 mil according to the papers the greedy yanks are trying to not give rafa anything so they can strengthen there position and pay off some of the debt instead……… get ready for nil cups for the next few years boys …

  10. Sol Campell on a 12 month play and pay deal,he would love to join us, saves cash to spend on Silva or attacking choice for Torres. Get Stevie back into midfield where we realy need him. COME ON RAFA, get the yanks to open thier wallets.

  11. Just briefly on another note, watched L.F.C. X1 play Bohs in Dublin tonight where they gave a good account of themselves to go onto a very hard fought 2-0 win, the two goals coming in the final few minuts of the game. Bohemians have 5 games in the next 10 days so they were giving fringe players a game also. S Derby, D Pacheco and Nemeth gave good account of themselves, but without sounding negative for Darby to come into the first team squad at Anfield he would have to fill out abit as there is more fat on a chip,but when he does fill out and get more experience could he be the next Carra????? Possible

  12. I agree with John K about Shawcross but Turner is a good player. I’d love to see someone from my hometown team step up and do well at a proper club! Do you have something against British players or something?
    Having said that, attacking improvements should definately take priority. Rafas turned Kuyt into a wing forward and Voronins not going to score 20 goals, or anywhere near this season, and neithers Babel or Ngog. A forward is definately a must before the end of August. The sooner the better. Come on Rafa!

  13. The reds are also still linked with Michael Turner of Hull, and Ryan Shawcross of Stoke City. WHY???????????????????????????? Is it because they are British?????? Does Rafa want these players or is it because Hicks & Gillett will only give Rafa a small amount of money if it’s because of the money i think it’s time to sell. Do they have friends at Old Trafford and are trying to make LFC a laughing stock.

  14. I agree. But maybe Silva instead. The defence does need some back-up but we desperately need to improve our attacking options beyond relying on Gerrard and Torres.
    Nobody else in yesterday’s side or on the bench would cause any sleepless nights for the opposition.

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