Rumours: Babel and Distin

With yesterday all about Glen Johnson’s potential £17M transfer to Liverpool, today’s rumours involve his Portsmouth team-mate Sylvain Distin.

We reported weeks back that Liverpool had made a £2M enquiry for the central defender in an attempt to fill the role of 4th choice centre-half after us losing Sami Hyypia and it seems Liverpool are keen to conclude business for the player alongside the Johnson transfer.

Many player transfer deals involve the payment of the fee in a number of installments but Liverpool are hoping that by paying the money to Portsmouth up front they may be able to include Distin in the deal.  Portsmouth are happy for the player to leave the South Coast but we understand that Distin himself is reluctant to join as fourth choice and still believes he has a couple of seasons of first team football left.

babelMeanwhile Ryan Babel transfer talk is also back on the menu.

Reports in the Daily Mail indicate that the player could find himself off to Turkey this summer.  The player was waiting for interest from Arsenal to arrive, but this hasn’t happened and no Spanish or Italian clubs have expressed any interest either.

Former Dutch coach Frank Rijkaard has moved to Galatasaray and is set to make an £8M bid for the player who cost the reds just under £12M two years ago.

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Rumours: Babel and Distin

  1. Babel is not a bad player but we have anough players at that level, what we need are not Centre backs, we have enough but another two players like mascherano or Tevez.

  2. we don’t want to be paying top wack for 4th choice give youth a chance they deserve it instead of farming them out how will we find another carra if the chance is not given, gerrard would be playing for accrington stanley if rafa’s youth policy applied when he was coming through

  3. Babel is the most disapointing player that we have had in recent times (and that is saying something when you think of the latter Houllier years!!). I say this because despite his obvious flaws we can all see that somewhere in there is the potential for a great player. If only he didn’t believe his own hype. He really believes that he is a player, and that he has arrived! He has a bigger head than Steve Bruce and Cloughie combined! What I can’t understand is why he is allowed to have this egotistical attitude when even a starfish can see that he passes to the opposition more times than his teamates and doesn’t posess a trick to get past a full back if the defender has a bit of pace. Jeezus he even makes Lucas look like a good player and at least Lucas has the right attitude

  4. i think he is quite a good player but just last season he didnt play at the best of his ability i just think that rafa benitez needs to give him a bit more support and encouragement

  5. I thought he was going to be good when he first burst onto the scene, But I think he was a bit of a disappointment.
    He could run and he could shoot, just not at the same time. I still think he could be good and I would prefer to see Lucas on his way.

  6. if were in need of a 4th choice center back we dont want to be paying the wages distin would ask weven got enough decent youth players the could do the job when required

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