Weekend round-up

Marco Van Basten, the former Dutch coach, has blasted the treatment of Liverpool’s Ryan Babel at Anfield.

“If you look at Ryan Babel it is a mortal sin he now sits on the bench at Liverpool.

“He went too soon. “He was playing well in Holland and for the under-21s but now he has taken a step backwards.”

Ryan Babel himself was critical last week, suggesting he hadn’t had enough playing time for Liverpool.

Babel has taken part in 38 games for the reds this season, starting 13 times and coming on from the bench in 25 matches.  His average on the field time per game has been 41 minutes.

Benitez has invited Insua to continue giving competition for the left back place.

Emiliano Insua’s record in the Premiership this season is good – in the 7 Premiership games he has played the reds have won 6 and drew 1 (away at Arsenal) and just as he was nailing down a first team place, he had to disappear to South America for the Youth Championships with Argentina.  Rafa said:

“Insua is improving and the competition for the left back position is very high with Fabio Aurelio and Andrea Dossena,” said the Liverpool manager.

“Insua is doing well and the team is doing well. Hopefully we can see Emiliano fighting for his position until the end of the season with Fabio and Dossena.”

Itandje doesn’t help himself

After suspension for his childish antics during the Hillsborough ceremony, the player rushed out a belated apology for his actions. Unfortunately the Frenchman failed to heed the advice from the club and leave the matter at that.  An interview over the weekend  with the player in which he spoke about ‘people over-reacting’ won’t do himself any favours.  Expect a quick departure this summer.

Ferguson – lack of respect

When will they learn.  Sam Allardyce and Alex Ferguson’s ridiculous attack on Benitez in their pre-weekend press conferences has wildly back-fired.  Despite enjoying a few beers after last weekend’s 4-0 defeat with Sammy Lee, the Bolton boss decided to launch a scathing attack on Rafa – accusing him of disrespecting smaller clubs by folding his arms after Torres fired the 2nd goal.  Hours later, Alex Ferguson also called Benitez ‘arrogant’ and guilty of disrespecting smaller clubs – using Everton as an example.

Liverpool fans will have taken extreme pleasure in watching Blackburn losing 1-0 to Stoke, and are now in real danger of getting sucked in to the relegation dog-fight.  Meanwhile Alex Ferguson promptly sent out a weakened team against Everton – flapped about like a lunatic when they weren’t awarded their usual pre-arranged penalty – and then watched his £30 million striker and £20 million defender attempt two of the worst penalties we have seen for a while to see them booted out of the FA Cup.


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