Benitez to target double Anfield swoop

Dirk Kuyt could be a transfer target for Rafa once more

Speculation has been mounting for days concerning the future of Javier Mascherano.  It is well known that Mascherano and Benitez have a lot of mutual respect and the Argentine captain’s recent statements suggesting only Benitez could follow in Mourinho’s footsteps at Inter will have pleased our former manager.

As Benitez prepares to be unveiled at the current European Champions Inter Milan reports in today’s Mail suggest that not only will Mascherano be a target but also Dirk Kuyt.

According to the press Inter Milan will make a joint bid of £33M for both players, although the World Cup will no doubt complicate factors.

Dirk Kuyt said:

‘I don’t know for sure who is going to be in charge at Inter, but Benitez is a fantastic coach and would be a great choice for them.

‘Working with him is perfect and I am grateful for all he did for me. I was delighted when he asked me to join him at Liverpool, and while we were together, he gave me a lot of good suggestions about how I could improve my game.

‘He was good for my career. I have read a lot about what might happen now, if he goes to Inter, but I am just concentrating on the World Cup.

‘That is important, because I want to have a good tournament. I have a contract with Liverpool, and I have to respect that, because they are a big club and have been good to me.’

Rumours from Italy have suggested that Inter will have about £50M to spend this summer on new players.

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Benitez to target double Anfield swoop

  1. Won’t matter who is sold new manager wont get the money the yanks will take it out of the club. Does anyone honestly think Rafa would have walked so easily if he thought there would have been money to spend ? We won’t see a new manager until mid august probably kenny and that will be too late to buy anybody. Of course by then we will have sold 4 or 5 of our best players

  2. Any player that doesn’t want to play for the club should leave and the club should exploit the sale for maximum financial return for use on talent that wants to come to Anfield. No true LFC supporter or good manager wants a player (no matter how talented) to be whining, pulling the team down because they don’t want to be there. I hope that Masch, Kuyt, Nando and Stevie want to continue playing for the club and that they stay. An injury-free Aquilani shows massive potential in my opinion.

  3. Please, please, please take Dirk he is absolutely useless. Leave Mascha alone, if he stays he should be given the armband considering Gerrard is probably gonna go to Madrid. £33 million for both is a disgrace, £33 million at least for Mascha alone is about right!

  4. Anyone can go if they want to,i just want to see Benitez far from this team. wishing him all the luck elsewhere. We just have to pick ourselves up with new players and a new manager,and please dont pick the guy from fulham,i dont see ourselves going anywhere with that dude!Get those Americans out of our club and get in new guy with a golden cheque book,who happen to have high standards for everything like for example hiring guus hiddink for one.

  5. Benitez who knows the terrible financial state of the club will no doubt try to exploit it!.Mascherano who is well known to be a Benitez bunny never settled at Anfield so will eventually move on,it’s just a matter of time.

    The obese Spaniard could do us great favours by taking the likes of Kuyt….hard working but talentless,Babel…pace but clumsy,Aquilani…will always be injured,Lucas….simply rubbish and Riera…a complete waste of money all with him!.They’re all his flop signings

    • You may not have agreed with RAFA’S methods but do you really have to name call ? Aquilani hasn’t been given enough of a chance to be called an injury prone waste of space so lets wait and see with him and I would keep Kuyt because his effort levels are immense and he’s one of only a few players at Liverpool who actually follow up the second ball, resulting in goals !

      • Agreed. With the exception of aquilani all of those mentioned helped us to the best second placed finish ever and a higher points total than this seasons title winners last year. Liverpool have more players going to the world cup than both Man Utd and Chelsea so the quality of the players can’t be that poor.

  6. If any Player wants to leave us, then I say get what you can for them as much as possible?
    Good luck to them they have served there purpose, nobody wants anybody who only half commits themselves. Just like a 50/50 challenge. If you only half commit then somebody has to pay the price (just like the Yanks) and that’s how people get hurt. Only true Players who believe in Liverpool should remain, we only want what’s best for us, we deserve it. These fine players who remain should stand proud.

  7. Mascherano wants to go and apparently now loyal to Benitez now that he’s moved to a more continental patch ? I don’t want him to go but we may not have the choice because him his agent and his wife make up a trio and two of them are defiantly not happy at Anfield, so Masch may go just to keep the peace. I think it’s far more important to keep hold of Gerrard and Torres. Kuyt loves playing for Liverpool and with Rafa gone he may get more chances alongside Torres so he may be more inclined to stay !

  8. Mascherano going will not be good for the team. More so if Gerrard leaves for Real. May be Benitez should also try to take lucas with him.

    • I think benitez has a cheek. leave us with a load of crap players and try to pick and choose our best of a bad bunch. as well as taking his 5m payoff. good riddance

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