Chelsea must pay premium for Yossi

Yossi Benayoun’s eagerness to leave Anfield will cost Chelsea £10M according to The Mail.

Rafa Benitez is reluctant to sell the player but with a meagre transfer fund at his disposal he will find it hard to resist the overtures to sell.  Especially with the player so keen on a move to Stamford Bridge.

Spartak Moscow are believed to have tabled a bid for £6M which the reds would prefer to accept – but Liverpool would be looking at a figure nearer £10M if they were to sell to another Premier League club.

Yossi has scored 21 times in 116 appearances with Liverpool since his £5M move from West Ham three years ago.

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Chelsea must pay premium for Yossi

  1. …Ether that or bugger off to Inter or Juve now so that we have at least a chance of salvaging some sort of transfer activity that dose’nt include us having to sell our best players only for YOU to buy in worse ones.
    There comes a time when any honourable man must look at a situation and be brave enough to admit any wrong doings and if unattainable to step aside for a better man to have a go.
    I am not the type to believe what I read in the papers but everyone outside of our fanbase seems to truly believe that Rafa has a massive problem and this includes past players ( some who are legends ) and that this is a massive reason for our failings. Rafa really has to see that next season is make or break for HIM to still be a manager at al

  2. This is exactly the type of crap harebrained up in the clouds thinking that made last season twice as bad as it needed to be.

    Why are we selling off our CREATIVE players and leaving un-proven players to carry on next season ?! The likes of Yossi should be ‘no-go’ areas yet we are actually thinking of selling creative players to one of our rivals ??? thus putting us further behind AGAIN.

    RAFA cum on and sort this crap about not being able to talk to players and CUT OUT THE CHILDISH EGO that has seen the likes of Hyypia, Alonso, Arbeloa go elsewhere because YOU are too arrogant to think you have to talk to them ?! Apologise to Paco for whatever you did or said, get him back and start to fulfil that contract of yours rather than sulking !!

  3. sick of this player to be fair, couple of weeks ago in a statement on our lfc home page, it was about yossi wanting to stay! now we here he is selling himslef to that fcuking club chelsea, er,, well go then,, its been like this for 4 years now, shall i go or stay, pay me more and we hear this and that from his greedy agent, i have had enough and while he can be a good support act or good sqaud player, he is no silva or mata, or even turan, he is full of crap and i want sold, get rid, he thinks he is better than the club so get shot and if we have no money and we can only spend what we have coming in get either swp or simao.

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