Gerrard laughs at ‘daft’ rumours

After Rafa Benitez publically dismissed rumours of a bust up with the captain as ‘absolute nonsense’ the Liverpool captain has now admitted rumours surrounding him are rubbish.

Over the weekend a mobile phone text campaign spread like wildfire, the staff of this website and forum all receiving them over the course of the next 24 hours, talking about how Gerrard and Pellegrino had an argument at half time at the Anfield, and that Gerrard had fell out with Rafa.

But Steven Gerrard today laughed it off.

“I’ve heard about a dozen versions of the same rumour and they’re all as daft as each other. I’d love to know who comes up with this kind of stuff because they must have an unbelievable imagination.

“Nothing happened. That is an absolute fact. If anyone thinks this nonsense unsettles either me or the club they’re mistaken. If anything it has brought everyone even closer together because we’ve all had a good laugh about it.

“In the time since he has been here I have never had a problem with the manager or his staff, and certainly not at half-time in the Reading game when I was actually receiving treatment for the injury I’d picked up during the first half.

“All the stories about me leaving are unfounded. The fans can be assured that I’m doing all I can to get back to top form and help Liverpool finish the season on a high.”

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Gerrard laughs at ‘daft’ rumours

  1. Samuel Charles – what a ridiculous thing to write. Three mentions of ‘this country’ – “disgusting”, “hell whole” (sic – it’s hole) and “i hate”.

    the really worrying thing about the UK, if there is one, is the astonishingly poor literacy levels and the tendency for uncontrolled anger among many people. come on man, be a bit more balanced, or else you’re in danger of being no better than the press we all despise for, among other reasons, their determined attempt at disrupting LFC during what is a difficult season.


  2. Another crap rumor, this season has and will be silly season for anti – liverpool. I tell you every true red, a red fan that looks left and right, if they can not see how disgusting this country is and the way the media based companies are teaming up v Rafa and the club then they need to get glasses.

    I find it disgracefull for many reasons, one second they love us for going away in europe and coming back as winners representing this hell whole of a country and then they want to slaugter us at home in the leauge. i hat this country for its anti liverpool efffect and for me liverpool is all i care about, hope england get smashed in the world cup by spain, and torres gets a last second goal to send england home,,,, liverpool fc forvever,

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