Hodgson doesn’t want United interest in Pepe

Roy Hodgson has responded to rumours in the press that Man Utd will target Liverpool keeper Pepe Reina to replace the ageing Edwin van der Saar.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Roy said that this interest would be unwanted.

“It was just one of those stories that seems to occur – it’s just disappointing and annoying.

“Pepe is fantastic here, he is a lifeblood of this team.

“We have heard nothing from Manchester United and, more to the point, we don’t want to hear anything from Manchester United.

“If Ferguson is looking around at the end of the season and he has got lots of money to replace van der Sar, he might very well want Pepe Reina because he is the best around.

“But we do not want to sell him. I would like to think that we are going to become a successful club once again and Pepe is crucial to that.”

Pepe Reina signed a new 6 year contract at the end of last season.  This contract will take him through to just past his 34th birthday.

Reina joined Liverpool in the summer of 2005 and has played 273 times for Liverpool in his 5 full seasons at the club.

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Hodgson doesn’t want United interest in Pepe

  1. HI GUYS, new owners have just had a statement submitted which is rare, very rare, Henry and his team never really do much talking, as he said when he was here on day 1, He has come out and said we have a plan to invest in the team not pull it apart, in many words he did state that we are planning to ” drive a investment in to the team in jan and the summer. i just cannot wait to get liverpool filled with better players. we need;
    x1 striker
    x1 left back
    x1 left winger
    x1 right winger

  2. Ok so we have new owners and the anti liverpool agenda starts its head again, its the same ones that really wanted to drive rafa away with totally rubbbish researched richard keys type drival and crap that we read and wtach within the media. Let me tell every football fan, REINA WILL NEVRE EVER PLAY FOR MAN UTD, AND HE IS MORE LIKELY TO PLAY FOR ARSENAL THAN THAT CLUB.
    Reina has stated that he would love to return one day to his homeland and thats spain,

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