Juventus continue chase for Benitez

According to the Italian media, Juventus president Jean-Claude Blanc has flown in to Liverpool in order to attempt to prise the Liverpool boss away from Anfield.

Benitez was very coy in his post match interview in mid-week when asked, on an opportunity when he normally would have brushed off the debate.

Suggestions have been rife that Benitez will move to Juventus in the summer, after failing to receive any assurances about player investment from the Liverpool board. For the fourth successive transfer window Liverpool’s net spend in the transfer window looks set to be negative as the club continue to hoard money to pay for enormous debts.

The Juve president is convinced the current malaise will ensure he can bring in Benitez now rather than wait until the summer.

Momo Sissoko, former red and now at Juventus, has also entered the discussion admitting that Benitez will have a plethora of opportunities come the summer.

“Rafa is a successful coach who can get any good job in Europe. He will be asked to take many jobs in Europe.”

“Rafa is a very good coach who had confidence in me. He made me proud to play for Liverpool. He made me work, work, work and made me improve.

Rafa bought Momo twice, firstly taking him to the Mestalla with Valencia before bringing him to Anfield. The player was eventually usurped by the arrival of Javier Mascherano.

“The Liverpool fans are very loyal, very kind and very passionate. Playing at Anfield was very special to me and I enjoyed playing there. Rafa has their support so that is important for him that the fans believe in him.”

We believe that Rafa is considering waiting till the summer, when there is a greater chance that depending on the climax to the season – the job at Real Madrid may be vacant.

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Juventus continue chase for Benitez

  1. I want Rafa to stay, but it all comes down to the next transfer window, if they mess about again by not spending funds on players we will have as bad a season as you can imagine, you cannot keep a club like ours in the top four on 16 mill a year, MU are buying 4 at that price in every window, the best people around could take this club over and do a lot worse than Rafa.

  2. I do have a gut feeling that Rafa may go.
    The offer will be far to attractive to turn down. More importantly, he may wish to take several players with him. He did this when he came to us.

    Sadly, bad times may be just around the corner

  3. Im fed up with all that Rafa has brought to our club lately, but the Americans must take the blunt of what is going wrong.
    I see no way back for Rafa now and the sooner he makes his move the better for us all.
    We will obviously be looking for a new manager now and just hope we get the right one for LFC and us fans.
    At the same time new owners would be great as long as they have loads a cash as its the only way forward in the prem now.
    We carry on suppoting our team, a win v Bolton and more important a good win against the BITTER AND TWISTED BLUE SHITE and things will look a bit better
    The mighty reds LFC

  4. these fucking americans,, this just goes from bad to worse, everyday i wake up and see liverpool fc in more media rubbish, it just doesnt end does it,,,, it has been a slow death under these two yanks,, they have nearky killed this great club,,,,, can we all reall not do more to force action

  5. think its best he goes now and juve can buy his contract out. Saves us giving him about £20 m compo for sacking him if things get even worse.

  6. If this was Rafa’s first season there would be no media circus on his back,but as soon as he arrived he took us to Istanbul,then won us the European super cup,FA cup,champions league final(runners up),CL semi and quater final,premier league runners up.I think one bad season out of five good seasons is acceptable considering the injuries and bad referee desisions,not to mention the beach ball.Expectation is high as he has risen the bar to a high level.Lets try and win the UAFA cup,that will give us CL for next season then have a go at the European super cup.
    But IF he does go i’d like King Kenny as manager and Gerrard or Carragher as his apprentice,bring back the boot room it’s what our history is built on.

    • Jason, good to see someone talking sense. Juve are a great team but not a patch on LFC. In my opinion the players need to take responsibility for the poor showings.
      Rafa can only do so much. As professional, international players they should be ready to give their all representing LFC and too many of them do not appreciate this. LFC is and will always be beigger than them all.
      We can and will move slowly but surely into the top 4 and then with new owners and a decent budget will go on to become euroe and uk champions once more. This is the storm. Walk on with your heads held high. There are no fans in the world like LFC fans and we are not losers, we only win.

      • But it is poor players he has wasted money on. And his first season was a disaster in the premier league, the blue shite finished above us in 4th. Istanbul just covered that up!!

  7. I read with digust and also wry amusement, your article suggesting that Rafael Benitez may take up the position of Juventus coach if he fails to get an assurance that he will have funds available to invest in new players. I feel it is important to remember that Benitez has spent well in excess of £200 million pounds on players since his arrival at Anfield. It seems that more and more often, managers are quick to complain if their contracts are not honoured, and even quicker to turn tail and run if things are not going to plan, and a sniff of a better offer comes along. It is my opinion that Benitez should either stick by the players he himself chose to buy, or admit gross negligence and resign immediately. yours N Holden. lifelong reds fan.

  8. The negative brand of Italian football will suit Rafa’s dull and boring style of play like a glove.Please do everyone a favour by leaving as soon as possible giving us a chance to rebuild with a more attack minded man in charge.

    If no one else i’d much prefer King Kenny to takeover as long as Rafa departs because i’m fed up with everything that he represents.

  9. it looks like lfc wants to have a face lift! first yossi rumors now rafa? well its gonna be tough for liverpool side, its better to keep both of them!!.

    • rafa has had long enough,will we make the top four?.i dont think so.i hope i am wrong.let him go now and it wont cost us a penny.kenny is waiting to help till the end of the season,maybe forever|||||||||||.

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