Liverpool set to complete Serbian striker deal

Jovanovic has a prolific scoring record.

Liverpool are set to agree a Bosman-style transfer of the Standard Liege, and Serbian, striker Milan Jovanovic.

The 28 year old international will be out of contract in the summer and the reds look set to bring him to Anfield in July on a 3 year contract.

Liverpool are without much in the way of funds for the summer and are believed to be trailing another 2 players in similar summer deals.

Last year both Everton and Aston Villa were chasing the player but he immediately refused a move to Goodison Park, saying:

“Everton aren’t a big club. That club I have turned down already.”

Jovanovic has won 3 titles in the last 7 seasons, one in Russia with Lokomotiv Moscow, and two with his present club Standard Liege in Belgium. He has scored 68 times in 138 appearances for Standard Liege, and has scored 17 times in his 23 international appearances, having only started his international career 2 and a half years ago.

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Liverpool set to complete Serbian striker deal

  1. Milan Jovanovic’s agent, Zoran Stojadinovic, has dismissed reports suggesting that the Standard Liege forward is on the verge of joining Liverpool. If anything, it appears the Serbian is currently in advanced talks with Valencia.

  2. Well, I have just few things to say, Liverpool had lost few games cause of players from Balkan area, I will mention just big ones. Remember last UEFA CL when Ivanovic / defender scored 2 goals for Chelsea (his 1st game for them), year after Jovetic for Fiorentina. They made a big mistake underestimating them , didn’t pay attention, so they paid high price for that. I don’t want to jinx him but Jovanovic is a good player, we’ll see if he will manage to “read”/predict the moves of other Balkan players well and solve this problem which they obviously have among many others. If they don’t take him then some other from Balkan region should be taken that’s my humble opinion.

  3. Hopefully he will be usefull for lfc….at least he doesn’t have a pony tail like the previous one (sorry, I don’t remember with his name? Moron-in rite?)…lol….

  4. Aurelio when he plays has and will be a fairly good free deal, and remember his wages are low too, Degen was pure sh**e when he first came, but since he played v sours, I thought hats off to him, he was fighting hard for every ball, he has got pace and can cross a ball, he will be usefull if he keeps fit. But i can not think of a really good free for years, Maxi could be great, when he gets the way we play and fits in better when torres is in the team I think we could see maxi being great, plus he did drop his wages to come to lfc, which is good, for me there is ony one real player i really want and to be honest could care about any other deals. Other than DAVID VILLA why we have never really gone on for him is a joke. He is made for us.

  5. you can count .the amount of good players we got on free transfers on one finger. gary mac is the only one i remember.will the curse of the free transfer strike again for the reds?

  6. A late bloomer it seems I’m interested but not massively excited my fear he’s going to be another Vorinin plus remember the last time we had a striker named Milan???? horrid

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