Liverpool confirm 5 new directors

Following the termination of the Hicks and Gillett from the Anfield board – the reds have confirmed to the UK authorities the 5 new directors sitting on the Anfield board.  All of whom are members of the NESV consortium.

We reported four of these as confirmed 10 days ago but the paperwork has now been completed and a further director has been appointed.

A company called UKSV (United Kingdom Sports Ventures) has been created to own Liverpool FC.  This is a subsidiary of the American group.

John W Henry with female companion watches from the stands Liverpool 2010/11 Liverpool V Napoli 04/11/10 UEFA Europa League Photo: Robin Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

John W Henry

Everyone is aware of the front man of the bid from NESV.  The 61 year old first took a step in sports club ownership 21 years ago but it was the creation of NESV in 2002 and the purchase of the Boston Red Sox baseball team that has been the most well documented involvement in sports.

Tom Werner (Chairman)

The 60 year old made most of his personal wealth through his job as  TV producer. He was a co-founder of NESV along with John Henry, and is currently the Chairman of NESV, Boston Red Sox and Liverpool FC.

Jeffrey Vinik

The 51 year old current owner of the Tampa Bay Lightning, a Florida based Ice Hockey team.  After owning his own hedge fund he bought the Ice Hockey team in February this year.  He described the purchase of the Lightning as ‘a dream come true’.

David Ginsberg

He is one of two vice-chairmen at NESV. His relationship stretches back a long time as he used to work for John Henry as a fund manager.

Michael Gordon

Described as an investor in the group.  He is a former business partner of Jeffrey Vinik from their days running an asset management fund.

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Liverpool confirm 5 new directors

  1. These guy’s are no dummies… they know they’ll go nowhere with RH, but only a bunch of fools would jump in & sack him with no plan in place. To those that want Kenny in charge, I can’t see why, yes he’s a legend, was a great player, player mgr & mgr but that was a long long time ago… it reminds me of the geordies & king kev, that was never going to work, I don’t think Kenny would either, if Roy were to walk I’d put Kenny in charge until the end of the season – give nesv time, they’ll deliver

  2. fans….give time for the new Owners, they will turn things around sooner or later. Roy will stay until summer anways, and LIV will finsh top 4. look at Top four teams they are loosing points too. Chelsea is just 9 points a head of us.

  3. Please sack Roy asap. Replace with Guus Hiddik or any other proven managers not roy. Save LFC from relegation. We need Gerrad, Torres and Raina to attract other good players, dont loose them NESV.

  4. sack roy or else we will be in the religation battle please sack him he is even more negative than rafa ever was please get a manager who bring back beautiful football back to anfield and get pacey wingers who can take on player like bale , nani, adam johnson, lennon , and more and get rid of Konchescy and stop playing carra on the right back position trust kelly he is a very good talent play him regular and pacheco and shelvey and spearing and let lucas go.

  5. invest or we die as a aclub its that clear end off all the others subjects,,,, why do you think reina has been saying this and torres for years…. come on all you reds, its now or never, invest in the club or we die and go backwards.

    roy please go…

  6. I was never a fan of Roy in the first place. He was a one season wonder with Fulham, but did he win anything.
    My feeling is that he was brought in to steady the ship while the sale process was going through. The club was never gonna be sold while Rafa was in charge due to the perception built by the Media.
    OK the ship was steadied and the sale has gone through, it looks like the new owners are building the foundations for the future from top to bottom, lets hope they get to replace Woy soon.

  7. Obviously we all care if Liverpool win or lose, but I can’t even watch the team play because the standard of football and negative tactics are so dire. We have played so poor this season apart from 45 minutes against Arsenal & Chelsea at home, if it wasn’t for a bit of magic from Torres or Gerrard we would be in the relegation zone now without a doubt.
    So with all them new directors named above can the one responsible for sacking Hodgson please do your job as soon as possible.

  8. 23 away games for LFC & Fulham without a win. For all you fools who want Roy to stay. Say’s it all really. Will be a low table club with him. Torres Gerrard & Reina will leave leaving us with nothing & years out in the wilderness. Something needs to be done now. He is a nice man but not the man to manage this once great team. YNWA..

  9. kenny as coach with phill thomo and the manager is atletico boss, with aguero mata and llorente and a left back the players above are the type of bracket we now need,

    please for god sake someone please realise that unless you have better players in those shirts then theres no point dreaming of bigger grounds, champions league football etc etc,, new players with quality are what runs a football club.

    invest at all costs or isk going back for years,,, i have siad it for the last 5 years?

  10. Time for a Change…its obvious Roy has run out of idea’s.. our players know that , the fans know it lets hope the board has seen it to.

    We need a Manager who has the passion and dedication for Liverpool , who understands how we play , who is committed for success , who is devoted to our Fans….One name stands out !!

    King Kenny Dalglish…We need you…..NOW !!!!!

  11. while to a cretain point they have time. i.e NESV. they dont really, its not there fault there coming in on the back of liverpool’s worst part of the clubs history.
    Its not their fault that they find themselves roy here at the helm! but to fair they have to get their own house in order and become a settled owner and to do that take time. we all know that in todays business- modern world.

    however roy does need to go and player with quality need to be yesterday, that the time we do not have.

  12. RH has shown he is not the way forward. It is pointless holding on to him, so a change is necessary. We need to appoint King Kenny as he will bring everyone together and give the fans what they want. He can be appointed on a temporary basis, but if he does well we keep him there. There is no risk in appointing King Kenny as he can’t do worse than HG, and I believe he will be terrific. He has never been away from football, and there is nothing to suggest he won’t achieve success. Change NOW!

  13. Guys I know we want to turn things around and do it NOW, but the truth of the matter is that it is not going to happen in the short term. Roy may not be the man to take us forward but it is the players on the pitch currently (until funds are provided to improve) who need to step up and make a decent account of themselves. We have improved since the new owners came in and that is because of a morale. This can only do so much, its up to the players now to turn this around.

  14. If we stick with RH we’re in big trouble. The best players will move on either in jan or at the end of the season & we wont be in a position to attract any decent players for years after that.
    He need removin NOW so the new manager has time to look at new signings.

    Here’s what I would do.
    Agger, hardly ever plays & is also useless along with Skirtel. Get Cahill into the back 4.
    Ashley Cole (Villa)
    AND Andy Carroll Please. Please get Carroll
    Tha’s the 3 for Jan transfer window.

  15. Attacking football and loosing 3/4 would be better than this dross. Roy is trying to make us into what fulham were. Why on earth would you not adapt your system?

    The longer he stays, the less chance we have of keeping our top players. Its a simple choice, Roy or nando+pepe.

  16. Martin O Niell,Guus Hiddink,Lippi, need a world class manager.we need to move onwards and upwards.King Kenny would be the Fans favourite but is he out to long maybe bring Pako back to assist him now that Rafa is gone

  17. i dont want 2 say any thing .i am seriously disappointed the way liverpool have been performing.i love this club more than my life & my 1 can imagine how much pain and agony i am going through.i am fired up. sack hodgson now or sadly liverpool could be involved in the relegation it stands now.

  18. Why waste our time with new directors. This is not the priority. What we need most is a new manager before we end up in the championship. NESV, stop dragging your feet.

  19. While NESV takes its time to decide on ROy’s position, Liverpool will slip back into the relegation zone. So, there is not much time for them and they must make a quick decisive decision to change the manager. If not, we won’t just be fighting to survive relegation but also fighting to keep our top players like Torres, Gerrard, Reina, and others.

    Roy must go.

  20. Chamberpot, mate, do pipe down! You are talking rubbish.

    Bottom line is that NESV/UKSV needs time. Just firing Hodgson won’t accomplish anything. If Hodgson goes, he will need to be replaced by a top-class coach. We can all come up with a list of those, but whoever is appointed needs to be the right man for managing Liverpool FC – not just “better than Hodgson.”

    Give Henry and Co. time. They are saying and doing the right things at the moment. The future is Red.

    You’ll Never Walk Alone

    • Good shout James. There are issues at present we just need to get through this season in tact (PL status) Just to add when we play away from Anfield we are shocking and most of the stats prove this in are last three away games are posession averages out as 37 percent!!!!!!!!!!! we are just to negative.

      • We need to fight for 4th spot minimum this season not keep our Prem status do you think we’ll be able to hold on to our prize assets in Torres and Reina if we dont get in the CL? Who wants to be playing Europa League football 3 seasons in a row, we wont achieve anything under Roy. Besides have you seen Roys away record wherever hes gone? its absolutly diabolical. Are you happy seeing the team play this stupid long ball system…….YNWA

  21. No Passion
    No Guile
    No Flair
    No Commitment
    No Direction
    No Leaadership
    No Goals
    No More ….

    Please Roy your a decent man do the decent thing.

    Dont make LFC go through this while you try and get your big team wings

  22. Are these the men that are going to sit on their hands whilst Hodgson takes us down the toilet? Or are these them men who are going to have the decency to see EXACTLY the pure incompetence of this mediocre manager. They seem so intent on using statistics yet they ignore the vital statistic of Hodgson’s complete inability to win away games. That being the case just how are they going to explain how the Hell they are going to “improve Liverpool FC and restore it to the top echelon ” ? Rubbish

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