Liverpool fans – doing their job

Sammy Lee has thanked the clubs supporters for their support over a difficult period for the club.

The Liverpool team were met by a guard of honour as they arrived at Anfield prior to the Spurs game as Liverpool supporters headed to the ground early to show, unlike newspapers and satellite TV would have you believe, that Rafa still has the overwhelming support amongst Liverpool fans.

In our on-going forum approval rating, Benitez remains with a rating of above 80% – and it appears that is even higher amongst the Anfield faithful.

Sammy Lee responded to the fans’ pre-match welcome.

“Every three points is crucial but considering what has been happening this week in the build up to the game this was massive.

“Everyone realised that – the staff, the players and all the supporters and everyone involved in the football club.

“There is not enough praise for our supporters. To see them showing their support when we arrived was massive.

“We try to integrate our supporters into everything we do because they are part of what we are doing.

“It was really emotional for us to see them singing and supporting us as always.”

Sammy went on to discuss the impact it had on the players.

“The players certainly appreciated it. Pepe Reina came up to me in the dressing room and he was very emotional. He said this wouldn’t happen at any other football club and it meant a lot to everybody.

“We had a difficult game away to Stoke last weekend and the support for us was phenomenal. They saw the effort the lads put in and it was the same against Tottenham.

“Everybody played their part in this victory.”

Liverpool Fans 1. The anti-Rafa media 0.

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Liverpool fans – doing their job

  1. I’m abig fan of rafa we’ve to admit that actually our team is not performing the best football physically they are short we’re not seeing the real stevie and the worst the referee are always against us.Lucas is not enough good to play for lfc Johnson don’t know how to pass a ball shit player what have he shown so far Kyriagos since arrival at lfc has shown how good player he’s in the air and defending.Babel have been given enough time still not performing.we need player with character to play in premiership .something have to be done asap IN RAFA WE TRUST AND ALWAYS WILL

  2. There is a hard core of supporters who for me are the best in the world, and all the knee-jerkers can go and do one, we are Liverpool. YNWA

  3. This is not the end, lot of work to be done in the nearby future.
    IN RAFA WE TRUST, Liverpool just needs to keep wining and be consistent.

    I wish was there to support the team however i am still there to support them no matter where i am. Liverpool definitely the best

  4. We can still win the title no jokes about this time man u were 11 point behind us… Win the next 3 and we will be the form team in the league… Why not?

  5. I was waiting for the team bus by the players entrance,when as the bus approached the Shanky Gates all you could hear was the loyal fans with absolute faith in Rafa and the team “LIVERPOOL-LIVERPOOL-LIVERPOOL” with a gaurd of honour for the bus. 2-3 hundred fans with banners swaying both sides of the road.Only when i watched LFC news at 6oclock the next day did i fully understand what i had missed by only 100 meters (GUTTED!) I wish i had known before they arrived to add my support. It also shows the media that they dont control what happens to the club,as they have been trying to turn the screw on Rafa.If you have’nt seen it yet check it out on LFC.TV web site,it will make you’re heart burst with pride!. Y.N.W.A.!

  6. i started to loose faith in lfc fans what with people moaning all the time but the fans at stok and on wen restored it. it showed why we are the best fans in the world ive never lost faith in rafa or the team .rafa the only manager who would put up with the two clowns andits only because he loves the clup.ive txt talk sport in spt of rafa but they didnt read them out i WONDER WHY if you listen to saggers andcollymour youll see how biased the media are against rafa and lfc. like our song says YOULL NEVER WALK ALONE

  7. We were mint on wednesday night , you could tell everyone was buzzin and up for the game and i just knew with that support we were going to win and as soon as i got in the ground any doubt’s i had just disappeared and i felt stupid for having them !, I love this club no matter what there’s no one else for me Y.N.W.A. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. proud to be part of the most unique fans in sport!
    I`ve e-mailed talksport ur link but they`ll probably wait until someone copies us and then swoon over them!

  9. yer and what are the owners doing, it is a total joke now what they are like, it does seem torres and gerrard are committed, sammy lee speaking to the fans which its is nice to see, rafa cleary loves the club and if anyone tells me different you can go away and support another club, rafa can do so much,

    it is now time for the owners to either sell up or invest it is simple and clear as that, the club has had time sbut i believe we will be better of from it, we have kept strong and if player can manage now, just think how good rafas team will be when we are flying, with luck , no injuries, better players still to arrive, i have a feeling to if we could just bring in 2 players that are better or the same level then lfc will win number 19

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