Liverpool loan out Aquilani

Liverpool have confirmed their decision to send Alberto Aquilani on a one year loan to Juventus.

The reds £20M midfielder was not promised a regular starting line up at Anfield and Roy Hodgson decided to send the attacking midfielder back to Italy for a season long deal.  It is believed the reds will still pay half of his wages.

Christian Poulsen, who struggled to get a place in the Juventus team, was bought by the reds for £5M last week.

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Liverpool loan out Aquilani

  1. alberto was a really good midfielder… who can forget his sharp n accurate passes.. he should have been kept here in anfield… poor decision..

  2. Chaps

    Also note that Poulsen is a holding midfielder not an attacking midfielder. Hopefully a renewed visit to Italy will spruce up Alberto thus upon his return can replace Lucas as a regular starter…

    (side note – can a holding midfielder not also be an attacking midfielder?) We already know that Lucas cant be both!

  3. yer great move this!!! what a a disgrace,,,, yer because we have a chelsea / man city like depth of saud dont we!???? dont make me laugh, the club is a disgrace at the moment, i keep asking why gerro and cole and nando have committed to LFC… great as it is but this club is being run ito the fcuking ground…. SICK OF IT, LIKE ROY SAID “WE HAVENT SPENT ANYTHING” YET AGAIN ANOTHER CRAP SUMMER MARKET…..

  4. and yet we will not see another player coming in, if we think that aquilani is that weak, we are in touble, the kid can play and has been fit for awhile, we have not got anything like the depth some people at the club think! same old shite summer transfer dealings again with 3 players costing nothing! what a joke and some fans think we should be challenging! what a piss take…. joe cole was a free and hes looked crap.
    why havent we got turan and others, we just are so bad in the market.

  5. Mick & Scott, where in the article does it say that we bought him from juventus? If you read it carefully the article states “hodgson decided to send the attacking midfielder back to Italy” not back to juventus..try reading carefully next time 😉

  6. what a waste! there is the team again losing one of the formidable midfielder,playing with lucas instead,no creativity ,no killer instinct,rather stick with him! i foresee doom and gloom for our reds so far!

  7. What a complete waste of money this man has been though many would argue that he’s not been given a proper chance.We’re not in a position to be wasting £20 million on a player only to loan him out then probably sell him for half the buying price.

    Roy Hodgson can’t be held responsible for much of Rafa’s rubbish that he’s now got to move on,pity no one wants Babel on loan.

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