Mascherano concern over board ambition

After sealing a contract extension for Pepe Reina earlier this week, Rafa Benitez is now stepping up in his pursuit of an extended contract for Javier Mascherano.

The Argentine was widely linked with a move to a big money move to Barcelona last summer before Rafa intervened insisting Barcelona couldn’t afford the player.

Javier’s contract is due to expire in February 2012 and the reds are keen to ensure he stays at Anfield with an extension till at least the summer of 2014.

But in a worrying trend, first mentioned by Torres, the players at Anfield have clearly been disappointed in the last four transfer windows – each of which has saw Liverpool bring in more money than they have spent.

He said:

“Liverpool have approached us to discuss a new contract and my agent will have a meeting in the next few days.

“The reality is that I am very happy at Liverpool. I want to know what the club’s plans are and then we will see if, at this moment in time, I can renew my contract.”

“It is not that I felt unsettled in the summer or that I am more at home now. I have always been very happy at Liverpool.

“Everyone at the club has always treated me very well. That is all there is to say at this stage.”

After a slow start to the season, Mascherano has been one of the most consistent performers in the reds team. Even being handed the man of the match for a terrific display when asked to play at right back last weekend.

With the club mired in debt, those assurances he seeks may be thin on the ground.

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Mascherano concern over board ambition

  1. The board stopped investing in players over two years ago, they knew what the results could be, it has happened at all the clubs that Hicks has been involved with, so why should Liverpool be any different, investment has never been on Hicks agenda for this club, his agenda is to make lots of money out of us for a big profit. It was Rafa’s misfortune to come to a club(which since he has grown to love)and then for the club to get sold to carpet baggers, not his fault, beyond his control. This coming summer their are big issues to be looked at, will he stay?, I ask, and somehow I cannot see Rafa going through a season like this again, no investment means no Rafael Benitas which will be our loss, and one we may regret.

  2. To be honest thats a mature way to go about it and the lads only voicing the concern of most of the players and fans alike. I think we could all do with knowing the boards true intentions for the summer as we cannot leave investing in the squad another season.

  3. if the board at liverpool had any drive any means of business savey then this summer at anfield should be huge.

    1, the money form the standard charterd deal would be given to the boss.
    2, players who just are not in pecking order or who are always injuried should go.
    3, loan deals to be done, got rid of, the young kids that are out on loan, if there not really in the picture, ship them out, its now or never for the first team it really is!

    the money should be found to bring in 5 reall quality driven performers and thats the bottom line, even carragher has said they need 3/ 4 player to come in and effect the first team and another 2/ 3 to stenghten the whole squad.

    owners need to think to get better we need to invest or its over

  4. Even though the transfer window is closed i was hoping the American owners would make some postive noise after selling other assets.It’s obvious that they care little about investing in the squad instead are only in it for the profit.

    It’s near impossible to get them out unless an incredible offer comes in from some billionaire,it seems that the Arab’s have lost complete interest after being messed around with for years.

    With all this being the case Javier many not be the only one seriously considering his future seeing that the owners are not ambitious whatsoever!.Don’t even get me started on our new stadium debate!!

  5. We all need to know what the boards plans are (like who is going to be manager next year). Masch has to seal the deal so other players will look at us and see the spine is there.

  6. do you blame him, so he should raise this doubt, we need to invest, and that is clear not just one player at 20 mill, but players who can come in and make the team stronger, turan, silva, villa, and son on would be the type of playesr that we should be looking at but we have no money. it has to change, top players want the better players around them, just having reina, mascherano, torres, gerrard is not enough, those players would walk into any side. however one transfer market should not consist of;

    1, selling our better players
    2, waiting for targets untill the last moment
    3, not giving rafa enough in one go, so he ends up with just one top player and the free players we have had to put up with,

    i do not blame javier at all

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