Midfielder ready to commit to Anfield future

Argentine captain and Liverpool midfielder, Javier Mascherano, expects to sign an extended contract at Liverpool in the upcoming weeks.

The media have speculated on moves away for Masch for the past 12 months but it seems the player wants to stay at Anfield.

The 25 year old midfielder said:

“The club are talking with my agents.

“I don’t like to be involved in the contract meetings so I leave that to my agents and the people at the club. Liverpool know I want to stay. I don’t think it will be difficult to arrive at a deal and we will see what happens in the next few weeks.”

“I have never said I was not happy at Liverpool, that was the press. I am happy here and the only way I can show that is with my performances on the pitch.

“I always try to do everything I can to help my team-mates and manager. Sometimes I can do well and sometimes I can’t, but I always look to give 100 per cent in training and in games.”

Liverpool initially brought the player to Anfield from West Ham on a 12 month loan deal in February 2007.  The reds completed the signing of the player from Media Sports Investment (MSI) a year later for £18M (this figure included both transfer fee and wages for his 4 year deal – making the transfer fee approximately £10M).

His existing contract was due to expire in February 2012.  Liverpool are also hoping to complete a contract extension for Pepe Reina in the next few weeks.

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Midfielder ready to commit to Anfield future

  1. investment of liverpool fc is the only thing that will be good news, the rhone group are now talking of 25 mill towards transfers, not enough, 50 mill at the least would help. 25 million is not even enough! but they are not a good option for the long term, if you do your research, they are not what we want long term, but there is talk of new investors form china, now thats a good thing, shirt sales, good market for liverpool and always had this love from the chinese people who do love liverpool, there is a solid growth in their country and with their markets doing well, could be a huge move for lfc, fingers x

  2. Hopefully by agreeing to sign an extention Javier knows something positive about the club that we don’t!.Perhaps a new manager,investors or/and owners are not that far off otherwise he wouldn’t have agreed to stay.

    • Ye iv been thinking that ! Both him and reina are quite supportive of raffa and quick to commit but their not stupid so if the position wasn’t attainable they would be off . So all in all thats got to be good news !

  3. As for Mascha i really hope that he’s decided to stay because he genuinely wants to and not because Barca have closed the door on him ( as some papers are suggesting! ) But it is G RRRRRRRREAT news and as i said before he’s one of the best pLayers in the world doing what he dose and i am happy because he is the level of quality we need to be bringing in to the club Y.N.W.A.

  4. I wish it were that easy but it’s not just transfer fees we have to worry about when getting players in because under current owners we are under the cosh with this massive debt and that is a priority to them in order to make us look juicy for possible investors.

    But also we have to worry about agent fees and wages which where massive stumbling blocks for the likes of Figo, Van Nistelrooy and Robben to name a few of the possible ‘loan deals’ that fell through.

    The likes of Spurs , City, Man u and Chavski all have the ability to offer stars big juicy contracts as well as signing on fees the likes of which we cant match at the m.o. ( Hopefully that will change, i hope someone will come in for us !)

  5. get us silva mata villa now you yankie C***** invest or f*** off.

    johnson carragher agger cissokho
    mata mascherano gerrard silva
    torres villa

    sell; degen cavalerli gk, aurelio, el zhar, plessies, darby, use the jan sales as well as standard chartard money whuch is where hicks said the spending big is coming from.

    spend ; 100 mill

    sell 8mill lucus reira 8 mill and others above get you close to 7 million
    jan sales; 8 million made

    total sales income £ 23 mill
    net spend £77 million why should we not

    javier staying and reina staying, come on liverpool fans that is the least we should want and see happen, its got so bad that i am over the moon and can take a rest at some good news, thats how bad ity us under these conmen.
    By the way if Rafa was so bad, can you tell me why mascherano has said” it was the media that said all these things and i want to do my best for Rafa and the club” funny all you fake fans wanting rafa out, what do you say now, if rafa goes liverpool will be fcuked full stop. we need now to help the club bring in at the very least 3/ 4 top players to help out the main stay, it has to happen, why can spurs go out and spend, they havent even played champions league, invest now usa

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