New Liverpool Away Kit 2010-2011

UPDATE MAY 2010: The NEW Liverpool home kit is here
UPDATE JUNE 2010: The NEW Liverpool away kit is here

A number of Liverpool away shirt images have been doing the rounds for a couple of months now on our forum and other football forums, and some more have popped up in the past week.

Here is a round up of some of the images for the possible new Liverpool Away Kit for 2010/11. (Standard Chartered, you will remember, replace Carlsberg as the club’s shirt sponsor).

Thanks to LFC_Stuart for the links.

The next image was posted a while back. Could this be a possible third kit?

And just for good measure, the matching image of a home shirt. (The new Liverpool home shirt has been released and is here)

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New Liverpool Away Kit 2010-2011

  1. The home kit is a fake, if you go on the official Liverpool website it shows a different one. The away kit looks believable as it is in the same design as the real home kit. Personally i think the real home kit looks good and the possible away kit. Not sure about the 3rd kit, might have been a design for a champions league kit before we got kicked out of the race for 4th, still looks alright, would be nicer if it was like our old white and green oe.

  2. Its fine what have you all got against it we all have are opinons and by the way please dont take this offencely lfc rules end of lfc story! p.s take a break lad

  3. why has the yellow shirt got champions league badges on the sleeve???
    are spurs going to wear a liverpool kit in the champions league?

  4. I too am an avid collector of these shirts, but this is horrible! Maybe, maybe the gold one, but the other 2, good grief! what were they thinking when this was designed? Mybe wer’e too used to the Carlsburg look, but still, they style, design … a real eye sore!

  5. Im a regular buyer of all liverpool fc shirts, but i can honestly say not next season. The kits are disgusting and the sponser looks out of place. I know its all about money at the moment for our club, but come on give us something decent to wear. The home kit ok that might grow on me, but if that is the away shirt and the european shirt then im not buying it.

  6. i hope with this new kit LIVERPOOL can win all match and can bet other club…..!!!! GO LFC….!!!!! YNWA….!!!!!!!!!

  7. I love the “Your will never work alone” on the inside of the one jersey. Nothing says fake like a complete misinterpretation of the English language.

  8. I cant wait for the new kit to come out…Just waiting for it is torture…these proposed kits are definitely fake, I don’t like the idea of the white and red stripes on the away kit, I hope it changes…It’s about time we got new sponsors, I was bored with Carlsberg and ever since we’ve had Carlsberg, we haven’t won the League…Time for a new change and some new luck…You’ll Never Walk Alone 🙂

  9. 2010/2011 new kit

    – The home kit is horrible. Why not consider some retro cutting….with collar perhaps, something like the image shirt.

    – The away and 3rd kit was ok….so…so

  10. The white one is fake….look inside the collar, ‘Your will never walk alone’……i doubt adidas would make a mistake like that

  11. white shirt = mingin
    gold shirt = ok
    red shirt = we are the reds not the red and whites, looks like a bayern or benfica shirt. anyway they are all fake.

  12. I like it. I love Liverpool FC so much, and every shirt true the history was very nice.
    This one is good, i think some retro from, maybe late 70’s, or early 80’s.
    Detail with the button is realy original…
    Greetings for all LFC fans from Serbia

  13. i like new jersey.. i hope this will be able to bring successful for the reds…. you’ill never walk alone….

  14. Prefer the CL shirt but really preferred the carlsberg logo and sad to see it disappear after so long. The banks logo looks very corporate and the name is just so uncool. Beer company sponsor is better than robbing banks. Ok the better money will help!

  15. For me…whether its good or bad , i don’t care as long as its Liverpool jersey i will wear it anytime. Its better to wear Liverpool Jersey which looks ugly than to wear a beautiful Jersey from other teams!

  16. more or less the away kit will be that!
    the home kit seems like a pyjamas..
    the 3rd kit it’s clearly fake , adidas it’s still wainting to produce it , because we’r not sure to go to ucl next year(in my opinion we’ll don’t get it).

    the design it’s the currently of this year , so we’ll have a design similar of the spanish kit 2010/2012
    hope for a home kit red and gold , and 3rd gold and white or golden and red , also orange or brown and gold.

    y’ll never wORk alone XD

  17. I prefer the black with gold writting away shirt! I don’t like any of these shirts 🙁
    The gold one is quite nice, but I reckon it would look nicer if it was in black!

  18. The home kit is not acceptable at all – it looked like a normal t-shirt and for the away kit they should try and do some thing to it ,to make it look nice

  19. I don’t think i can get used to the new sponsor, it dosnt look like a liverpool shirt without carlsberg on the front 🙁 . Also the third kit looks like vomit (however i love this years third kit). The home shirt looks fake to me, because of the buttons, and is it me or is the sponsor sewn on, that wont happen on a massed produced kit.

  20. Sorry but the how kit looks like a Bayern Munich home kit ! wont be getting that ( why don’t they go for gold or white pinstripe on the red with a nice V neck like the 80’s that would be mint.

    The white away isn’t too bad but loose the black all over the kit and reduce the corporate sponsors logo size or just use their logo !

    As for the gold kit im not interested because it’s too close to mustard gold and the collar is run of the mill addidas ? i think we deserve better than that ! All in all pretty poor.

  21. don’t think their the new kits lads LFC very good at keeping them under wraps until released reckon some dodgy kid in thailand made these

    • That’s just the thing. If you see the earlier links and the dates they were posted you would see that adidas are actually pretty dismal at keeping these things under wraps.

      Although admittedly we haven’t had these confirmed from the same source who confirmed the kits last year and the year before.

  22. Yeah seen the erm ‘YNWA” inside the collar. Typical pre-production ones. But apparently, even with its obvious problems, this is going to be the away kit – except Standard Chartered is going to be in red.

  23. your will never walk alone (inside collar)
    looks like the thai’s had translation probs
    these come out every year and never look the real ones

  24. like the white retro one dont think its real though as it says your never work alone on the inside the other two are terrible

  25. they are defo fakes, look at the inside of the away shirt “your will never walk alone”

    I really hope we do not revert back to a button up collar!

  26. don’t think they would use the white one as it’s more last years design as most of adidas have the extra stripes at the end of the sleeve like the home and that 3rd kit.
    i hope they don’t have any of them as they aren’t very good.

  27. Must be fake. Notice the “YOU NEVER WORK ALONE” on the inside collar of the white kit. Also, notice the buttons on the home kit. Thats a simple polo shirt, man.

    I like the away kit, though. Nice red stripes.

        • I just wanted to point that but I saw Martys comment first. At first I thought theres something wrong with my eyes.
          Honestly I cant see Liverpool play in white and red stripes…its just not right. Doesnt fit with Liverpool. When I saw that shirt first thing that crossed my mind was a PSV Eindhoven kit xD

          This is probably a joke

  28. Will not buy them under the current ownership, it has been the worst part of Liverpool FC’s lifespan under these business men or should i say CONMEN.

  29. Home kit looks like a Manu throw back !!!
    Do not use this shirt, we play in all Red !!!
    You’ll have Shankly spinning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Not another terrible GREEN sponsor logo??

    Also why not swap the crests on the shirt around?
    Stick the black liver bird, used on the back of the shirt, on the FRONT of the shirt in red with LFC under it.
    And print the fussy crest in all black or red on the BACK neck?

  31. Not as a massive fan of the away shirt.

    I’ve heard lots of people speaking negatively about the home shirt but I actually really like it. Would be pleased if that’s the one that’s released.

    The third shirt is okay – a bit different I suppose. Would have to see what it looked like on though first before buying.

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