Purslow leaves Anfield, Ayre stays

Liverpool have accepted Christian Purslow’s resignation as Managing Director leaving Roy Hodgson even more isolated at Anfield.

The managing director, brought in by Tom Hicks and George Gillett to replace Rick Parry in 2009, was made a director in April this year by the Royal Bank of Scotland.

NESV look set to bring in their own footballing administrator to oversee the club.

Purslow will be added to the list of non-executive Directors and be on hand should NESV require his input.

Commercial Director Ian Ayre also offered his resignation to the new board, but they assured him they see him as having a future at Liverpool Football Club. ┬áIan Ayre, despite his initial support for Tom Hicks, was seen as one of the main drivers of Liverpool’s improvement in increasing off the field revenue.

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Purslow leaves Anfield, Ayre stays

  1. Mark Palios should come in as CEO to replace Purslow. He’s a scouser, a former football pro and an accountant too, so he’s in a great position to work with both the new owners on the business side, but to bring the players along with him too. If you just put a businessman in they won’t understand the dynamics of the game. If you put a footballer in, they don’t understand the business. But most of all we want someone leading the club who has a genuine passion for the Reds.

  2. PELLEGRINI, would add that name that a top club needs, its sad but true, we need a manager that does put that respect into these over paid millionair pre madonna’s, its sad but true. this guy is good, although he didnt win the whole lot at madrid he did very well, he is tough too! will not be worried about rseting or dropping players, he is spanish and that may well help reina and torres and the other young spanish players at the club, and may well help bring in better overseas players, him & k.

  3. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I wouldn’t be totally sold on the Rikard story though. I have a friend working in the Spanish media and he says reports linking Pellegrini to the job are credible. It’s interesting to note that Kenny wanted Pellegrini in the first place before Hodgson was brought in, but Purslow opted for Roy instead. Personally, I don’t believe you get the best manager you can get in October so I hope we don’t just go for the first ‘name’ that comes up. Pellegrini would be good.

  4. One down, manager to go soon. Purslow although he did good for the club over the takeover has ruined this club and any person that calls himself a Liverpool supporter and hires a third rate manager deserves to be castrated, watch the backlash from the English press, Hodgson is the worst manager this club has had since 1959 – Kenny has forgotten more about football that Purslow & Hodgeson put together. If you have a third rate manager you get third rate football -simples.

  5. I have it from a very good source that purslow is leaving because hodgson has been told to tenner his resignation on friday that torres gerrard and dalglish are staying behind to speak to frank riykard about becoming the new manager what ever happens at napoli game . Purslow gave hodgson his word that he would keep his job when new owners took over . The source tells my son in law every friday or saturday what the team is for the match and has been right every time 100%

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