Rafa: I’m here to fight. I will not lose focus.

Rafa takes the Stoke pre-match conference

Rafa Benitez has admitted the reds performances have been way below par and that he will not be distracted by the constant media debate about his position.

“If I am worried about my position or the future of the club at this moment I will lose my focus.

Ahead of tomorrow’s game against Stoke in which Liverpool will be hoping for their third straight Premier League win, Benitez who has been arousing interest from Juventus, insisted that he signed a new contract because he was determined to fight for the club.

In his pre-match interview he said:

“We are not playing well and everyone here feels sorry for our fans.

“But things can change in football and we have confidence that we can improve, starting with Stoke on Saturday.”

“This is a bad moment, we are not doing well during the season and we know have to improve and we have the belief we can do it,” added Benitez.

“How can we improve? Winning on the pitch. How can we be sure we win on the pitch? By training well.

“If I am worried about my position or the future of the club at this moment I will lose my focus.

“Stoke is the most important game now and we have to prepare properly. I cannot be worried about the other things. My future is Stoke now.”

“It is true I like to do my best every time. If I decided to stay here and signed a five-year contract it is because I wanted to fight.

“Things are not going well, we know, but if I waste my time talking about all these things all the time I will lose my focus and it will be worse and worse.

“I don’t need any assurances of anything. I promise you I am preparing for the next game and, in football, things can change the next week.”

Liverpool travel to Stoke City for a 12.45pm kick off tomorrow.

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Rafa: I’m here to fight. I will not lose focus.

  1. look we play good and we had a lot of shance to scores more goals but you don`t think one goal of the againist isn`t important you after the scores goal you have to concentration in defend run more don`t leave any infiltration of the ppayers but you are not doing this things and…i think i know thr reason why you are in this location …you miss the xabi alonsoo.Tell me you didn`t thin about you team when you sale him in madrid you really don`t because in don`t think you will sale him but you just did it and cause to me broke heart…now you can`t buy it and wait for more cosuquence but please try to borrow just one month and look did is he the causer of our problemss goodbye

  2. I hate having to say this again but the time has come. We cannot keep making excuses for the manager. At the end of the day is his responsibility to get the best out of his players no matter how limited they are & by jaysus are some of them limited. The team are no longer playing for him & so we have no chance of Benitez turning it around.
    If he had any respect for LFC he would resign but he only is interested in himself & so will wait for a big payoff !! We should face it & pay whatever it takes to shift him “now” otherwise we will face into summer looking for a new manager who will have to rush into buying new players worthy of wearing the LFC shirt. CHEERIO RAFA !!!!!

  3. It was always going to be a tough fixture, a very weakened side compounded with the fact stoke were really up for a win at home. LFC unfortunately do not have any real goal scorers in their midst at present and they will continue to suffer until torres gets back from injury.
    LFC play best as under dogs and i have no doubt that they will get that coveted 4th position by the end of the season.
    There is a long way to go yet. Rafa to stay!!!!

  4. It is realy hard moment now,but we get to be faithful.Reds players must believe in this selvs.
    Rafa hasent have many choices now but I hope we can make it.
    good luck

  5. For the game against stoke, one thing for sure, if stoke scored the first goal before lfc , we will lose. Trust me. Theres no way lfc could put a strong fight against stoke later. We don’t have gerrard, torres, benny, babel, riera. So my prediction will be 0-0. If lfc win, then thats miracle.

  6. If we can win all the remaining league games we could win the championship.Lets fully support Rafa and who knows come what May? Play Pacheco instead of Torres,Spearing instead of Gerrard,Maxi insead of Benni COME ON YOU REDS! AFIX BAYONETS! CHARGE!

  7. Do you think Babel’s about to go since he’s been left out of tomorrows squad?

    What are your thoughts on him leaving? I would like him to go on loan and come back the potential is there but he needs lots of game time and wont get it with us. I rate him and like him but it has to be said he was awful on wednesday

    • I think a loan deal for the rest of the season will help develop his game and confidence and take him to the next level.If it does’nt then let him go .

  8. I think just right now we better develop what we have i means no need to buy player right now coz 1 we don’t money so better develop and progress all the players that we have….Lets all fight for glory that we all need support the players and teams ok scouse and Fans Liverpool…

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