Reina: Torres talk, United link

There are few players who were more vocal speaking out against the club’s former owners and the lack of investment than Pepe Reina.  The man many players regard as an ideal vice-captain or captain of Liverpool Football Club has constantly stood up against those seeking to harm the reds.

He has now jumped to the defence of Fernando Torres, who was almost singled out by the current manager for poor form and confidence.  Reina insisted the blame would have been better lay at the doors of other players, insisting that Torres had been handed poor service and hadn’t seen much of the ball due to Liverpool’s present style of play.

He said:

“All strikers are about the goals. They want to score them and they want to score the winners like Fernando did against Blackburn.

I think he can build up now to what he was like of old. What has happened to him is more or less what has happened to David Villa in Barcelona. They are both great players but when strikers are not scoring people are always disappointed in them.

“It’s not fair. I don’t think we have been assisting him like we should, particularly in the last few weeks. He has not been able to do anything at all.

“We know he is the type of player that can win a game just like that but we can’t expect him to keep doing it on his own. We have to feed him in. That’s the point.”

Pepe insists that Liverpool must now push on.

“We have just been keeping focused on what we are doing, because it has been a tough situation. Thankfully the win over Blackburn means we are slightly better off than we were.

“It is a really tight table. We are only three points from eighth place and now the challenge is to keep winning games. We can’t give this up. That’s the way we have to be in every single game.”

Meanwhile John Cross in the Daily Mirror believes that Man United are keen to make a, quite frankly, laughable £12M bid for Pepe Reina to replace their 40 year old Van der Saar.

We will be watching with interest to see how Roy responds to this speculation.  Hopefully he will have learned his lesson from the Torres saga a week or two ago.

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Reina: Torres talk, United link

  1. truth, i agree, its time to sack roy and make everyone stand up and know that lfc will not have anymore messing around, call a meeting with the players and tell them of new investment and say we are not hanging around anymore, lfc as a club has no time to waist at all.

  2. its been 3 transfer window’s now that we have not addressed the frontman issue, its a disgrace, what the owners and the whole club think torres can play every game and be on form for all games every day for a hwole season! its getting bad, every or most other teams in the top 4 have 3 or me strikers, just look at spurs, have done next to naff all compared with lfc and yet they have spent so much cahs its untrue, but the english media never bang on about harry has spent? funny that,

  3. I agree with Pepe that we depend too much on Torres in a team full of average players.Joe Cole isn’t doing the business and the other new signings are equally as bad.At the end of the day you only get your money’s worth, we’re always looking for freebies or second rate has-beens with Torres and Gerard being the few exceptions.

  4. @ Bill. I don’t think the owners have 2 tell the fans exactly how much they plan on spending. I would like 2 know the figure myself but once d players and couching staff are made aware of these facts then that’s all good with me. D owners have already said that they onto gonna be pumping millions in To be spent on players, what I expect to see is at most 3 players joining us in January with at least 2 players going out 2 help pay some of d transfer fees and then maybe a couple more n d summer

  5. what a disgracefull piece of writtern work form another anti liverpool rag from this country’s anti liverpool view.
    reina will not and never ever go to man utd and thats the end of that one, even if liverpool had to sell, which is now that they do not hence the new ownership saga id done and dusted, then he would never ever ever be sold for just a crappy 12 mill pounds, he is worth tripple that and for me liverpool would hold out for at least 20 million, reina for 12 mill where do get this crap

  6. i still think woy has to go…….mean while i dont think pepe will leave or nando….the owners now need to come out and tell us fans exactly how much they will give for investment???????????/ this needs to be said asap…alot of players cant cut it,,,,two many names come to mind, a big clearout is needed soon rather than later….

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