Riera facing heavy fine for Rafa outburst

Ryan Babel’s outbursts have long been noted by us here on Anfield Online.  Now it appears that Albert Riera has decided to utilise a similar strategy to force his way back in to the team.

With the arrival of Maxi Rodriguez, the re-introduction of Babel and returns from injury of Yossi Benayoun and even Nabil El Zhar, Albert Riera has found himself falling down the pecking order after disappointing performances this season.

His answer seems to have been to launch a tirade against Rafa to Spain’s Radio Marca.

With an important European clash coming up – Albert’s comments were poorly timed.

“When the coach doesn’t say anything to you and you are in good shape with no physical problems and training well, you have no choice but to think the fact you are not playing is personal.

“The team is playing badly and needs changes. If I’m doing something badly and you’re my boss and you trust in me, then you would tell me what I am doing wrong and what I have to do to play.

“The fact that Benitez has not said anything is what most hurts. In the two years I have been here he has never managed a situation with a player by talking to him. He thinks he is the boss and everyone else is deaf.

“The dialogue with the players is practically non-existent. There is a lack of tact. Fernando Torres and Pepe Reina encourage me. They tell me that they know that if I play, I will do well.

“But a week goes by and then another and another and nothing has been achieved. There shouldn’t be a lack of communication either, because I speak Spanish and my English isn’t bad either.”

Riera has never been a nailed on member of the Spanish team and is clearly got his two big eyes on the World Cup and suggests that two Russian clubs are interested.

“Right now the only market open is the Russian one. I have offers from two clubs and, given my situation, that has made me reflect a lot… My objective is to go to the World Cup and for that to happen I have to play.”

Albert got one final dig in regarding a potentially vacant managers role at Real Madrid this summer.

“At Madrid they ask you to win and play lovely football. We [Liverpool] are effective, sure, but we don’t play brilliant football.”

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Riera facing heavy fine for Rafa outburst

  1. I don’t agree with what he has (supposedly) done if it is true that he has but with all of rafas previous with alonso, arbeloa and others in his tenure can we really say with any certainty that what riera has said about rafa not acknowledging him is untrue and he’s totally at fault ?

    The truth is non of us know the definitive ‘TRUTH’ and are making semi-educated guesses about the guilt of riera and what actually went on. For me as pointed out vaguely at the start of this Rafa has previous and so dose riera ( and yes he hasn’t done much to merit a first team slot) but nether had babel and it has taken him all season to get his act together after similar outbursts ( I guess the world cup has that effect on people !!)

  2. Definitely no no. You just do not air your ill thought of and ill conceived views in public. No player is bigger than the club. At Liverpool it is the club/team first and foremost. If he thinks that Rafa doesn’t talk to anyone including himself, has he tried to knock on his door to speak to him and find out what he has to do to play? Has he tried to speak to any of the coaches? May be not. He should look around him more carefully. Look at Aquilani, the club have paid a lot more for him and is yet to play regularly. He too must feel that his place in the Italian world cup squad at risk, but does he moan? Of course not. Most unacceptable of all is using names of Torres and Reina in his comments. Now they are 2 people he can learn a lot from.

  3. mike you prick you… here we go again rafa is to blame is he, oh so can you explain to me why rafa is to blame for him being injuried for nearly all the seaon? can you tell me why reira always wants to play for spain after being injuried and yet rafa lets him go an play for spain? shall i go on? he gets backing form rafa, weas being played when fit and had at best a good 4 months to his melwood life, do not bleat rubbish, if i dont perform at work i can not turn round and blame everyone but me can i! live in the real world will you and by the way he only cost 6 million so dont go on about how much rafa spent, dont you dare, if it was over rated player like hargreves who cost 18 mill then fine, but what do you want form a 6 mill player….

  4. He is an average winger with no pace. Half of the time he never manages to beat his man. The only reason we signed him was because we couldn’t afford anyone better. I am certain he was like, Rafas third or fourth choice when we signed him. How he managed to get on the fringes of the Spanish side is beyond me, and if Ryan Babel had been more consistent, Riera would not have got a look in.
    The whole thing is a massive joke, I have no idea who he thinks he is. His last appearances for Liverpool have been terrible, absolutely shocking.

  5. I dont blame Riera at all. Rafa comes across as arrogant and plays his team terribly. He came to a great club and took over a team already qualified for the Champions League.
    Forgetting the fact he got money from selling players, as all managers do, he has still been to the market and spent approx £200 million.
    The team plays awful, has awful players amongst some good ones, Rafa is to blame, he’s had long enough, he’s not earning his mega salary….get rid please!!

  6. Another Rafa signing who has failed to impress now throwing his toys out of his pram!!.Having said that if Rafa’s “dialogue with players is practically non-existent” like rumours suggest that he’s a loner then he deserves critisism.

    Man management is so important,Rafa seems unaware of this.

  7. Seriously don’t understand what his problem is, its not like he’s been fit all season… players usually have to prove themselves to nail down a place in the first 11 he has had chances this season but has shown nothing of the Riera that first arrived. You don’t just get given your slot you have to earn it.
    Bitching about the manager is seriously the wrong way to progress your career at any club, work hard, show commitment, say and do the right things and your chance will come, just ask Ryan Babel.
    Good player but not a great one, if a decent fee came in for him i don’t think we’ll miss him much.

  8. If you are not proud enough to work for the kit then you don’t belong in the mighty Reds. Babel is finding out that speed alone will not get him a spot in the starting XI; take the hint from Rafa and stop thinking of yourself higher than you should be. Our problem is not lack of skill but lack of unity – we had some of the best flowing football in Europe last year because of our core team confidence in each other. This rant by Riera can either be viewed as a selfish endeavour or a personal pity party. Both do not belong within LFC.

    Maybe Carra needs to have a chat with him to straighten him out! Pretty sure this is what happened with Torres when he first came to the squad – diving and sliding all over the pitch and someone had a stern talk with him that his actions were unacceptable. So Riera let your boots do the talking please; I am tired of reading of more dissention being hung on the line by whiners like you.

  9. The world cup brings out the best and the worst of any club player. It’s obvious from his comments that he is a self-centred player who has no love or commitment for the club. Airing dirty laundry in public is always a big NO in any establishment. Riera has not performed when given a chance this season. “He thinks he is in charge” of course Rafa is in charge. Does Riera think players like him are in charge? “My objective is to go to the World Cup” C’mon, Riera, who pays your wages? Riera’s should buck up, shut up and play his best for the club. Definitely out of line. Liverpool should shove this prima donna in the reserves until the world cup is over. Poor timing considering the Reds are facing two crucial games against Lille and MU.

  10. Well the playing of football Albert is down to you and the other players you get the pay so produce the goods. You should be PROUD to pull on the Red jersey of LIVERPOOL FC stop bitching in the press, get the work done in training and you will be picked as you are a brilliant player there is no doubt It is a joy to watch you play down the wing but you must earn the right to play .It is NOT the Liverpool way to do this in public it never has been and never will we need to be together as this has been a poor season for us but hey we are still in the running for the Europa Cup and 4th place in the premiership, we need to fight fight fight we are strong and we will do it we are LIVERPOOL FC

  11. He’s never performed consistently enough to even justify requesting a first team place. Let alone this stupid outburst!!!

    He should be ashamed of himself and its another example of a player who is too busy washing his dirty laundry in public to consider the repurcusions and the bad press it will bring on the club, the team and the manager!

    If some team in Russia want him, they can have him!!! So long Quagmire!!!

  12. Why is it then that Johnson seems to be happy, Yossi stayed on in the summer despite more money offers elsewhere, and why is it some of the best young players in europe want to join the set up. under a former highly rated barca coach! I have had it with pros thinking they can just get paid the stupid wages they do get, and then blame evrything on Rafa, it is not the real world with these guys. If you do not like it Riera, get out, go play in a non-league that is Russia. SELL HIM ID TAKE 8 MILL WHAT WE PAID AND USE THAT MONEY AND BUY TURAN. NO LOSS TO THE TEAM AT ALL.

  13. Right so let me get this straight, grown men who can not be bothered to work hard in a very high profile job can turn around and blame the manager for all but playing well, er yer right,,,, one word,= get rid.

    Bye bye then – at least babel has get his head down and is trying hard, its funny that cause we dont or didnt see that form reira when he was playing.

    Why is it then if todays media needed any more to hang Rafa with that, Kuyt loves playing for liverpool, Agger only last week said, im not quitting liverpool, and he did say that, Maxi said only days ago that he feels at home already at the club, Reina is commiting on a huge deal when he can in a play for any club in the world, and yes he could by the way.

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