Takeover speculation increases at Anfield

The takeover talk in the last 24 hours for Liverpool Football Club has increasingly gained momentum and tonight it appears that there are several bids likely to come in, in the not too distant future.

News spread of Kenny Huang, a Chinese businessman who is head of the Hong Kong based investment company QSL Sports Ltd, being in direct talks with the Royal Bank of Scotland with an aim to take over from the American owners. Although RBS have been distant in their acknowledgment of any direct bids for the club, it is understood Mr Huang is ready to make a serious bid for Liverpool FC, which could see the current owners out of Anfield for good, further down the line. Another route he could take is to buy the debt that both Tom Hicks and George Gillett owe to RBS and Wachovia and gain control of the reigns at Liverpool that way – ┬áreigns which have been out of control for too long.

Whilst current Liverpool chairman Martin Broughton has been brought in to oversee a sale of the club, he is not putting a deadline on any sale. And with the current American owners undoubtedly not willing to leave without making a profit, it seems once again, Liverpool could be going into a new season in the headlines, for all the wrong reasons.

There has a been a plethora of takeover talk for some time now and Liverpool fans are more used to a false dawn than anyone else. But this speculation does seem to hold a bit of weight at least.

With Martin Broughton being known to have spoken to more than one potential bidder lately and Mr Huang understood to want a deal done before the end of the summer transfer window. We could certainly see a lot more action off the fields of Anfield Road in the coming weeks. Maybe, just maybe, it could be good news.

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Takeover speculation increases at Anfield

  1. This city that my family come from and is the bessy in the world needs sortin out. When i was a nipper at me nans at venice st you didn’t need the telly on for the score you new by the noise of the crowd. Same can be said today, so come on lets bring it back. We have the best fans all over the world as well as here. So Mr Kenny please lets have your interest at heart and not just profit because when your with the pool you know you’ll never walk alone. We will be with you all the way, yours sgtpepperslfc

  2. I think its true to say that the 20Mil promised buy the yanks for transfers wont be there.
    So is there going to be time for new owners to come in and spend money on the team to win premier league .
    So we all got our answer the manager is new but the system sell before you buy is the same
    so getting rid off rafa was just a parting shot buy the yanks lets hope new owners can come in and give
    money for the team to bring us back to the glorys days of old.

    Get out greedy Yanks from australia

  3. I can only hope and pray that this deal happens and that Hicks & Gillette leave this great club with no profit. That would be justice for everyone concerned. Greedy yank pigs!

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