Yossi ready for Chelsea challenge

Yossi Benayoun moves to Chelsea FC

Yossi Benayoun, who completed his move to Chelsea yesterday, has spoken of his desire to push on at his new club.

The 30 year old Israeli Captain moved to Chelsea yesterday in a deal believed to be worth £6M.  The player admitted he knew in the Anfield clash against Chelsea on May 2nd that it would be his last game for Liverpool.

Speaking to the Chelsea website, Yossi said:

‘Everything looks lovely, it is a great training ground and you can see it is one of the best clubs in the world from the way the people here treat you.

‘I met a few of the staff and the players I know a little bit from playing. It is a good challenge for me and I am ready for it.’

‘There are a lot of good players, big players, for me it is the beginning and I have to work hard and prove I can bring something to this club,’ he explained. ‘The only thing I can promise is I will work hard and do my best, and hopefully it will be good enough.

‘I had offers from a few teams, but when Chelsea came in for me it was the obvious and only thing to think about, and I am glad it came out in the end.’

‘I leave a great club at Liverpool and I had a great time there, so I am very grateful for them also,’ the midfielder said.

‘It was a very disappointing season for us, we never expected to finish seventh because Liverpool is a great club and deserves to be always fighting for trophies, so for everyone it was disappointing, but for them I wish them all the best and I am sure they will be back very quickly.’

His last appearance at Anfield was actually against Chelsea on May 2, a game that Chelsea won 2-0 to close in on the title.

‘The last home game I knew it would be my last for Liverpool, I tried to do my best but Chelsea were strong.

‘All the years here in England, five years, Chelsea were always a difficult side to play against with big players and that’s why they are always there at the top fighting for trophies, that’s why I am glad to be a part of it now.’

Yossi spent 3 full seasons at Anfield, scoring 21 goals in 116 appearances following his £5M move from West Ham.

Since January 2010 Liverpool FC have netted £13.4M in transfer fees.

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Yossi ready for Chelsea challenge

  1. I still cant believe Yossi sold us out to Chelsea, to think i was gonna have his name on my shirt, i’m so glad i didnt bother lol. and once again i agree with you scouserbob about chelsea nose diving,

  2. Is it just me or does the reliance on money in todays game seem very worrying. Sure you see people like hodgson and moyes grinding out results on a shoestring, but prominent managers seem to be the ones with the biggest financial support. It’s no surprise chelski won the league and manure city shot up the table to the detriment of less wealthy clubs ie. LFC. This is bullsh*t and I for one would like to see the likes of mourinho given peanuts and people like rafa/hodgson given the RBS vault. Then we’ll see who the better managers really are…

  3. So why are we having a piece on how Yossi’s loving Chelski ? This is a Liverpool forum rite ? I mean not to sound cruel and I don’t wish him any harm but I really hope Chelsea nose dive next season and unfortunately that means him also.
    Football in this country has lost it’s soul at least at the very top ! It’s no longer about a great manager and out foxing the opponent. When it comes to it money and a team full of superstars gets you titles now.

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