LFC complete signing of Andy Carroll

Andy Carroll

Liverpool have completed a club record signing of £35M by purchasing Andy Carroll from Newcastle United.

The player who turned 22 earlier this month left Newcastle earlier this afternoon, and after undergoing a medical at Melwood this evening completed the deal shortly before the close of the transfer window.

Carroll has scored 11 times in 20 appearances for Newcastle United this season and is expected to be handed the number 9 shirt after Torres handed in a transfer request to move to Chelsea for £50M.

Carroll is set to take the number 9 shirt from Torres.

The player has returned to training after a thigh injury, and could make his debut in time for the Wigan game a week on Saturday.

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LFC complete signing of Andy Carroll

  1. dont forget kenny picked out shearer many years ago and look how he turned out. carroll has good atributes size,pace and football intelligence. he could be EPL leading scorer in two years

  2. sure we might be lacking a bit of class in some areas but is defnanatley growing moreles had a grat
    game but got a bit of a knock steamed in for his goal mind suarez looks very sharp pool seemto have
    a complely work ethic from xmas time x

  3. After watching the Stoke game last night, (on Polish tv) I am no longer afraid or dreading watching my beloved reds, the amount of fight to win the ball back was awesome, also they seemed determined to go forward in any given situation, as opposed to sieways and backways passing followed by a big hoof.

    Sure we might be lacking a bit of class in some areas but the confidence is definately growing. Morelies had a great game but got a bit of a knock, steamed in for his goal mind. Suarez looks very sharp. Pool seem to have a completely different work ethic from xmas time.

    Hope the fans don’t boo Torres, show more class then the Chelski chavs

  4. and let’s not forget that, taking into account all transfers since the close of the 2008 / 2009 season to Torres leaving and Carroll arrving, we are £12.7m up !!!

  5. Lou and Andy up front for the Reds, Great business, I personally think that Carroll is going to become a great player, I think that with Lou and Andy we have both, got instant success, but they are also young enough that they can be built around for future success, Yeh I Know !!!!!

  6. I was suprised to see £35m for the boy but if he can keep us in the europa league or even get us to chamions league which is far from impossible then he will be worth every penny. Kenny is a cleaver man he knew suarez would not be able to play in europe so he got another striker who can play in europe. Plus, caroll has had best part of a year in the premier league so when he is fit then he will be familiar with the way we play it will take suarez a few games to get used to this obvioulsy but I can assure you when he does we will be thinking who is torres. good ridunce to the money grabbing spanish tosser

  7. I would have liked to see Kenny bring in a defender or two but i will not complain about Carroll and Suarez. Carroll has the ability to score with both his head and his feet and also is not afraid to go in hard, Not 100% sure on Suarez (aint seen enough of him to comment)
    Also don’t for get Andy Carroll is British and that is what we are going to need in our Squad for the seasons to come and THAT’S why he was priced at 35mill just look at Citys british players (Lesccott 22m???, Milner??? Barry??? and so on)
    Good luck to our New lads.

  8. I think Suarez and Carroll will complement each other. But our three main problems have not been tackled yet. No attacking midfielder in our squad, we missed out on Charlie Adam and Chamberlain. And no player with holding role in midfield. Lucas and Poulsen both are very much below par. I would have asked for John Obi Mikel instead of Anelka in the Torres deal.The southampton left fullback looks very good. If we had filled these three positions then we would have been a well balanced and competitive side. As it is i feel we have made a little progress only. The deals have been made too late.

  9. i would rather have the full squad loyal than 10 who are and even one faker (in kenny we trust) good riddance to bad torres

  10. In any other transfer window, 35m for Carroll would be 20m too much. But this was no ordinary window. By being forced to accept 50m (or 45m depending on who you believe) for Turncoat Torres, Liverpool faced being in the worst of positions in July – not being able to spend the money without penalty. The new FIFA Financial Fair Play rules kick in at the end of the season, and a core element of them state “To achieve the objective of financial fair play, clubs of a certain size will be requested to balance their books i.e. they will not be allowed to spend more than the revenue they generate.” Spending the 50m, with it having come from a previous financial year, would mean Liverpool would need to make a 50m profit in other areas. So better to spend over the mark now and get someone with the Torres cash – and if he can score at the same rate as he has for Newcastle then all the better!

    • Fantastic point that I can assure you people won’t pay attention to… because people get overawed by youtube players. Carroll will do a few major things for us: 1) Like Crouch, he will scare the be-Jesus out of central defenders in the air 2) He will give us a focal point in attack, something Torres (God bless him, he had so many f-ing qualities) never really offered and 3) He will give us bite and fight (Suarez will give us bite, too, eh?).

      Will he give us loads of goals? I really don’t know. But what I DO know is that in order to succeed, you must gamble on players. Chelsea took a gamble with Torres, much like we did. It worked for us, and possibly it will work for them. We gambled on Diouf and it didn’t work. You really don’t know how it will pan out… but what you can do is support the lad and hope for the best for him and for us! I personally feel like Carroll has all the potential to be an absolute beast for us. He is a TANK.

  11. Also in response to Sir Cecil, as far as I am aware, Torres has been sold for 50m. Babel went for about 6m. Liverpool have purchased Suarez for 23m and Carroll for 35m. The net effect is that Liverpool have lost a world class striker who wanted to leave and player who failed to live up to expectations and gained two players who were very kean to join, have great potential and draw smaller wages. Suarez and Carroll individually cause defenders a lot of problems, but in unison, they could be devastating as their styles should compliment each other. I am of the opinion that you shouldn’t play two clones up front together – they should be different like Keegan and Toshak and Rush and Dalglish. They will need service from the flanks. I hope Kenny uses Johnson on the right wing. Also, is Insua back. Defensively prone to errors but had good pace and dribbling ability and could put over some nice crosses.

  12. Liverpool’s folly is extraordinary. If Newcastle had come to Liverpool a week ago and said “We’ll give you Carroll plus 10m for Torres”, they’d have been laughed at by ALL Liverpool supporters. Yet that amounts to the same thing as has happened now – by taking 45m for Torres and spending 35m on Carroll, Liverpool has effectively traded Torres for Carroll plus 10m!!! No more, no less. Pitiful business. Apart from that, the lummox Carroll is worth no more than ONE THIRD of what Liverpool is paying. And even that much is questionable. Sad.

    • I think i’ll trust King Kenny’s judgement instead of yours!!. You have to pay the going rate or will be left behind besides Carroll brings options upfront.Damned if you do and damned if you don’t…when we don’t spend people accuse the owners of lieing and when we do they’re attacked for spending on the wrong players!.

      Strictly speaking no footballer including Messi is even worth £5 million, doctor’s and teacher’s deserve to be paid much more but we don’t live in a perfect world rather Show Business or Sport is what people are crazy about.

      Forwards are hard to come by so be thankful that finally we’ve two new ones unless you’re a bitter Newcastle fan in disguise!. In that case it’s nice to take one of your top boys when you’ve been doing that to us for years since the days of Keegan.I still remember Geordie fans chanting “are you watching Liverpool” after signing Michael Owen so are you watching Newcastle!!?. Now Newcastle fans know how we felt!

    • When you take into account the difference in wages between what Carrol will be picking up and what we were paying Torres over the next 5 1/2 years thats about 15 mil saved which makes the deal for one of the countrys best young strikers more attractive than it first appears. Oh and I’d rather have a lumox who is commited to the cause than a liar who has skulked around the pitch like a spoilt child for the past six months – and yes he did lie to the fans who he knew adored him three weeks ago when he said he always sees his deals through – I have no problems with players who want to move on, just one with players who lie to the fans and hand in transfere requests with four days of a window left

    • sir cecil u must b a geordie fan,carroll is a great buy but.a bit
      price but only 22.top player in and 15million in bank for next window.people are trying to bring this club up to a new level,so dont sit there and right bullshit when u dont have a clue what ur on about………………………

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