LFC Owner on Kenny, Torres and the future

John W Henry spoke for the first time since the end of the transfer window to re-iterate his commitment to moving Liverpool FC forward.

On Dalglish’s appointment as caretaker manager he said:

“It’s still early, but in retrospect you could not have made, in our case it was very fortunate for us, but we could not have made a better choice.

“I know he, for a long time now, has wanted to be in this position, so it’s a great thing for the club, for Kenny and for us.”

He also discussed Fernando Torres’ departure.

“One of things that we talked about from the very beginning was how important it was that everyone was on the same page. No player is bigger than the club.

“We expect players to want to be there. If they don’t want to be part of Liverpool football club then we should do everything we can to facilitate them going elsewhere.”

Although Liverpool are in consultation of a potential new stadium, there was a slight inkling that a redevelopment of Anfield, similar to that undertaken at Fenway Park, could be on the agenda – rather than a new purpose built ground on the adjacent Stanley Park.

“The Kop is unrivalled, The atmosphere, I was really surprised because we’ve heard so much about needing a new stadium.

“We were surprised at how beautiful Anfield was both viewing it as an empty stadium and then with the first game. It would be hard to replicate that feeling anywhere else.”

The Spirit of Shankly group also revealed yesterday they had sent the owners a 12 page document containing questions and urging the owners to meet SOS a few days before Christmas.

Liverpool FC have since announced the creation of a Football Supporters ‘Board’ which will represent areas of Liverpool’s Worldwide and local fanbase and minority groups.

John W Henry replied insisting that it was important that everyone within the club pulled in the same direction.

We want the greatest football club in history – nothing less. And we are going to do exactly that. But we will not be successful – as supporters, as owners, as players or as an organisation – if we are not all on the same page. All of us.

You can read John W Henry’s response in full here, and the original letter from Spirit of Shankly is here.

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LFC Owner on Kenny, Torres and the future

  1. I have total faith in john,tom and king kenny the club is now in safe hands after those two parasites nearly destoyed are great club. We are all rowing in the same direction now so its all good.

  2. i think myself they are pretty shrewd in terms of a buisness approach. very smart move get two young strikers for torres. saurez has the potential to do the same as van nistleroy.and carrol could do similar things that shearer done.torres think is on a downward path cant see how he is going to fit in. could be bench warming. and injury problems could be his downfall he is due for one soon.

  3. Henery turned a well-run Boston Red Sox team into a SUPERBLY-run powerhouse. Will we do the same? Given that we’ve got City and United to compete against, I doubt we’ll win as much as the Red Sox have, but what we WILL do is be competitive again like we were when we had Moores and Parry in charge. Moores and Parry may have been slow in the market and a bit naive, but what they did that I hope everyone respects and remembers is they gave us consistency and a lack of problems (remember… we won the Champions League AND the Treble of trophies in 2001 under their reign!). If NESV can do that, as well as add to what we’ve got, we will be proud and happy. Keep it up Mr. Henry! Suarez and Carroll are two fabulous signings… don’t listen to the naysayers on the price. What matters is we have two top players that we are all excited about!

  4. Speaking to a few LFC fans that had been in the States 10 – 15 years and now back home, they were delighted when NESV led by John Henry took over the running of our beloved club. They knew what he had achieved in the sporting world and completely backed him.

    He seems to be making all the right noises at the minute and I for one hope the new owners are transparent and use common sense when making any decisions. The previous two eejits seemed to deliberately undermine everything we stand for.

    Moving forward together is the only way.


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