Liverpool prepare to unveil Anfield redevelopment plans

Liverpool are preparing to unveil plans that will see Anfield redeveloped and expanded to an initial capacity of over 55,000, and scupper talk of a new stadium on Stanley Park.

Mock-up of a redeveloped Main Stand and Anfield Road at Anfield

Mock-up of a redeveloped Main Stand and Anfield Road at Anfield

Liverpool City Council will tomorrow announce details of a regeneration scheme in the L4 area, and alongside this - Liverpool will confirm that the club will remain at their ground since inception - 120 years ago.

The Main Stand is likely to be completely rebuilt, with a hotel built behind the area - and the Anfield Road stand will also see a significant increase in capacity.

Liverpool's Ian Ayre had said some time ago that stadium naming rights would only be sold if the club built a new ground - however club officials have talked this down - suggesting that stadium nights could still be sold to pay for the redevelopment of the ground.

Liverpool Council are set to announce that they will give the go-ahead for a number of compulsory purchase orders (CPO's) of houses that will need to be demolished to make way for the ground expansion.

The reds first unveiled plans for a 55,000 seat stadium in Stanley Park in 2002.

If all goes to plan, then work could being at the end of the 2013/2014 season.

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Liverpool prepare to unveil Anfield redevelopment plans

  1. It’s a total waste of time if they don’t make it 65,000+. What’s the point going to all the effort of expansion if you’re only upping it by 8,000. We sell out every league game and have the most supporters in England outside of United. The only reason literally thousands of people don’t bother going is because we know we won’t get in. If you knew you had a chance of getting in you would go down on match day or buy a ticket in the days leading up to the match.

  2. should be 70,000 min….yes expand main stand, anfield road should expand the kop to the max..the most important stand in the stadium

  3. that will be good for the football team but only if the people having to lose there homes to make way for this are paid a fair price for there homes and not like last time when they was paid far less and could not then afford to buy another house elsewhere just to please liverpool football team and liverpool council

  4. superb news-these people saying yanks out are all bitter evertonians,yeah lets demolish our glorious 120 year history and spend an extra 550 million(700 million including a load from our own pockets on bloody infrastructure at least if we want to go over 60k you stupid no clue we need 80k muppets supporters make me laugh,have you got a spare 700 million lieing around?and then all that money on bloody transport improvements and all our history down the drain-no thanks)-FSG will make LFC winners again in time,MARK MY WORDS

    • impossible if we want to stay at anfield! if you have ever been you would know that the surrounding estate is far too enclosed for an 80,000 seat stadium… and who’s going to pay for it? I think our money should be sent on players to improve our poor quality and depth squad to be honest, I’m glad we’re planning to stay at Anfield, we just have to take small steps to improve it and this is the way to do it

    • Be realistic. 55,000 initially rising to maybe 70,000. That’s good enough. We stay at our hallowed ground. It costs crazy amounts 2 build a new stadium. If we can keep our stadium & increase capacity, keeping the Kop, regenerate the area then happy days.

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