Martinez meeting Liverpool owners

Roberto Martinez is having another meeting with Liverpool's owners, as the reds move closer to a replacement for Kenny Dalglish.

Roberto Martinez

The owners have been rebuffed by a number of managers including Frank de Boer, Jurgen Klopp and Brendan Rodgers, but discussions are ongoing with both Martinez and Villas Boas.

Wigan chairman, Dave Whelan, is himself becoming frustrated with the cloud hanging over his own club and said:

"Roberto is in Miami today and you can only assume what he's gone there for.

"He is honest and up front and I expect to hear from him in the next 48 hours."

Martinez is not due back at Wigan until Tuesday as he has spent the past week on holiday in Barbados.

"He is out in the Caribbean so it's only two hours to Miami from there.

"If he decides to go, which I hope he doesn't, I've got to replace him as soon as possible."

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Martinez meeting Liverpool owners

  1. Can’t people see through the FSG smokescreen? This whole ‘moneyball’ philosophy is just another way of saying ‘we don’t have the money to compete’. Think of it this way folks. Raul Meireles left the club because he was promised an improved contract that FSG didn’t deliver, despite the fact that he was our best player in 10-11.

    Our net spend is ~ £35 m, not much by today’s standards. None of those we signed will be on relatively large wages either, certainly not anywhere near the wages being paid by City, United and Chelsea. Add to this the fact that several big wage earners have been ushered out of the club. How much in wages have we saved on Torres, Jovanovich, Joe Cole and Aquilani? There’s been some suggetsion that we’re paying the loanees wages but this has not been confirmed. I can’t see why we’d do this or why FSG would allow this so I’m not convinced. Surely if we’re paying Joe Cole a hundred grand a week to play for Lille, we might as well keep him with us? If you had two houses, one a big detached house with a large mortgage, the other a small terraced with a small mortgage, would you pay both mortgages but live in the poorer of the two houses?  

    FSG have gone on record as saying they’d be up for staying at Anfield. Staying at Anfield would certainly be cheaper the cheaper option.

    Reports have suggested we’d agreed a deal for Jelavic in Jan until FSG stepped in and blocked the transfer. Surely a gamble of £5 – 6 m would have been worth it if it got us into the CL? It’s not a lot of money by today’s standards and remember this was back in Jan, before the Carling Cup final when we still had a very good chance of qualifying for the CL. Always thought this was an odd one as Jelavic’s father told the press he expected him to sign for us?

    Finally, Martinez is not only the most unfancied, inexperienced candidate but he’d also be the cheapest. So the ‘facts are there folks. To re-cap

    No new contract for Meireles

    Poor net spend on transfers

    Moving on of high wage earners

    Acquisition of releatively low wage earners

    No money for Jelavic in Jan

    Preference to remain at Anfield

    Preference for Martinez

    All means one thisng. FSG do not have the money to compete or aren’t prepared to spend the money to compete. As a business person you’d want to put as little into the club and take as much out as possible. Let’s be honest, as long as these yanks make a profit when they sell the club they won’t care what happens in between.

  2. maybe it is time to pick a young manager i dont mind martinez , just hope whelan  is not part of the deal he seems to be agent father and mouthpiece , considering he doesn’t want him to leave why is he trying to push him into any club that shows an interest him ,he is probably in is house now packing is stuff ,all seems a bit strange to   

  3. why can Liverpool fans not see that Martinez has the potential to be a great manager? he has had experience of the premier league and has made Wigan play in a style that is confident and entertaining, of course Wigan struggle year after year, they lose all the best players and cannot spend to replace. finishing 16th with such a small club and getting the players to want the ball and believe in thier ability is excellent achievment, imagine what he could do with talented players!
    just because he hasnt doesnt mean he cant.

    Liverpool fans should stop with all this negativity and give him a season before judging, you might just be suprised.

    as a wigan fan I will wish him all the best and hope he proves a lot of LFC “fans” wrong.

  4. y the hell r we looking to get a manager from wigan hes got no form atall sort ur heads out we will never be liverpool fc with decisions like that ur just spoiling the club an reputation  sort it out

  5. We shouldn’t be going for a rookie manager like Roberto Martinez when the likes of Frank Rijkaard,,Guus Hiddink and Van Gaal are available.

    Van Gaal in particular has made his interest in managing us clear and together with the other two should be able to attract top players.

    Martinez is used to relegation battles and nothing else, another Hodgson like failure awaits if he ends up as boss. Our owners don’t seem to understand what the club is all about or what the fans want.

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