New 2012/13 Liverpool FC Away Kit made by Warrior

Liverpool FC have unveiled the new away kit for the 2012/13 season to be manufactured by new sportswear partner Warrior.

The away shirt is black with a grey colour neck, arm stripe and at the base of the back.  The design features the traditional LFC badge as well as two flames on the reverse of the shirt with the 96 - similar to the home shirt.

Liverpool FC Away Shirt 2012-13

LFC Away Shirt Back 2012-13

LFC Away Shorts and Socks 2012-13


LFC 2012-13 Goalkeeper AWAY Shirt

LFC AWAY Goalkeeper Socks and Shorts 2012-13

The away kit will be launched on the 2nd July 2012.

What do you think about the new LFC away kit?

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New 2012/13 Liverpool FC Away Kit made by Warrior

  1. I Think there ‘okay’ But i think the yellow could be a different colour because its not ‘liverpool like’ it and it should have a touch of red.

  2. last year’s away kit was aesthetically brilliant! This is a dogs dinner of a kit!! Who ever signed this one off needs to examine their career status. Not too late to change it!!!!!!!! Would be more cost effective to change it now, rather than lose shirt sales.

    sad to see Dirk Kuyt go, hope we get someone as good, with maybe a few more goals in him!

      • This will be the 1st LFC top I won’t be buying for over 20yrs! I really don’t like the grey band around the neck! I must be getting picky in my 30’s, haha.

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