New Liverpool FC 3rd Kit for 2012-13

Liverpool FC have unveiled the official third shirt and kit for 2012-13.

Manufactured by Warrior Sports, the new LFC 3rd kit is predominantly nightshade (or as we call it in Liverpool - purple), with white socks and sleeves and orange trim.

This completes the new kit range from Warrior Sports after the new LFC home kit and new LFC away kit were released earlier this summer.

The official 3rd kit will be released on the 2nd August 2012.

New Official Liverpool FC 3rd Shirt 2012-13

New Official Liverpool FC 3rd Shirt 2012-13

New Liverpool FC 3rd Kit 2012-13

New Liverpool FC 3rd Kit 2012-13

8 comments on
New Liverpool FC 3rd Kit for 2012-13

  1. New home kit much nicer than looking than adidas,also material looks and feel better than glossy finish adidas 2nd kit horrible.3rd kit really nice can see it starting a trend with adidas/ nike etc trying similar styles next season..well done warrior 2 out of 3 ain’t bad

  2. C’mon Liverpool what are you playing at ? I know we weren’t that good last season but these kits are going to make us the laughing stock of the EPL.

  3. All the Warrior kits are horrible and i won’t be wasting my money buying any of them, but the 3rd kit is probably the best of the three which isn’t saying much is it? Wished we stayed with adidas as they made better kits.

  4. What an eyesore! The concern I have is that Warrior having little experience in making football kit took “inspiration” from the goalie jerseys and came up with this mess! Discounted by Xmas.

  5. 1) Home kit really nice.

    2) Away kit Bloody awful and I wouldn’t be seen dead in it.

    3) Awful and what’s with the orange, is this a tribute to our now departed Dutchman? 

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