Aldridge: Former LFC player ‘kicked us in the plums’

John Aldridge hasn't minced his words when criticising one of Liverpool's most recent departures.

In his column in the Echo Aldridge was critical of Joe Cole, who recently commented on his time at Liverpool to a Chelsea fanzine.

Joe Cole said that he had never felt the connection with Liverpool and that he had never said we were the biggest club in the country.  Only he did - and we saw the video.

Nevertheless Aldridge didn't pull any punches and said:

Liverpool fans treated Cole well and always supported him. We ignored the fact he was pocketing £5million per year and the fact that he was out injured with a twisted sock most weeks. He seemed a likeable lad so we stuck up for him and when he left we wanted to see him do well at West Ham.

So for him to come out with rubbish like that was a real kick in the plums.

Can't argue with that analysis Aldo!


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Aldridge: Former LFC player ‘kicked us in the plums’

  1. Laughable comments about cockneys…pot and kettle my scouser friends ???????? Joe Cole wont be the first lad to try and fail, nor the last. Hes a decent honest boy who would have loved to have made a name at Liverpool but it didnt happen for him. Liverpool paid the money so dont blame Joe for accepting !!!

    • noticed he hung around for the money,so why did he make nonsense comments when he moved down saarf then denied having done so,even though he said it on video ?

      • You signed him for big bucks..and have made loads of other big bucks poor judgement signings as well .What was Joe supposed to do…ask for a wage decrease or his contract to be ripped up ???. Your real anger should be directed to the management who bought players at inflated wages, not the players you chased and signed.

        • noticed you keep leaving out the spurious comments he made, that’s the thing that makes me wonder why he didn’t look to move on to another club himself instead of staying where he says he wasn’t happy -at the reds.He wasn’t the player he had been,legs no longer quick enough, for Rodgers & the pressing

  2. Maybe if he’d been made more welcome, he’d have enjoyed it. And coming from Aldridge – a ‘never was’ who wasn’t fit to lace Joe Cole’s boots, it’s quite laughable

    • What planet are you on mister? he was made very welcome and was never given stick even when he may have deserved it. As for calling Aldridge “a never was” i wonder what you have made of your life apart from making stupid posts on LFC sites.

    • So where does the cockney bit come into things ??? You would be the first to get irate, and in my book rightfully so when the old scouse stereotypes come out, so give us a break from this type of regional nonsense and stick to sensible football debate and comment.

  3. Joe Cole is a tosseur…

    No more than a mercenary with great talent that went down the toilet as his greed increased – no mental strength, no heart.

    I suppose maybe it’s best for him to go back to the Hammers, who knows, maybe he can get that soul he sold back at his home club…

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