Brendan Rodgers suggests Suarez punishment is excessive

Brendan Rodgers said that the FA punished the 'man' and not the incident with the 10 game ban.

Liverpool have already made a short statement expressing their disappointment at the severity of the ban, but Rodgers who has attended his pre-match press conference ahead of the weekend's game against Newcastle expressed his feelings.

"The punishment is against the man, rather than the incident.

Rodgers went on to compare the punishment with previous ones handed out to Spurs Jermaine Defoe and Chester's Sean Hessey:

"One player received no ban and continued to be chosen by the FA as part of the England squad.

"The second player received a five-game ban. As you can imagine whenever Luis Suarez receives a 10-match ban it is very difficult for us to understand and even more so for him.

"The standard set by the club - he fell way below that at the weekend. But it does not mean he should be thrown to the garbage, which is what has happened over the last couple of days."

Rodgers highlighted Suarez' attitude at the club:

"He loves this country and loves being here. It's arguable he won't have a better season but he has still had that scrutiny and criticism.

"It was too severe for what he's done and that will make you think. At the moment there's shock and anger but when he is a bit more reflective, a sense of reality will set in. He knows the support he will get here, from the management, from the players and the fans, and that will always make him think differently. At this moment he will feel low because of the sanction that's been put on his action.

"Having spoken a lot to him, he is visibly very disappointed. I look in his face and for the first time I can see a genuine guy who is disappointed. It will take time for him to reflect and understand why others have never been punished.

"For us it is a case of supporting him. He is still very much part of our family and very much part of our future. He is very important for us going forward in order to succeed."

The assembled media asked Rodgers what punishment he thought fitted the crime.

"I knew it was maybe going to be three games.

"It could have been 12 with six suspended. That shows and tells the player it's unacceptable what he did and everyone knows that but you have to put the carrot in front of the player to help him improve his behaviour and help with the rehabilitation and this has only been punishment.

"There's been no thought of rehabilitation unless something dramatic comes up in the report that tells me otherwise. It's a straight 10 games."

Liverpool take on Newcastle on Saturday at 5:30pm. Without Suarez.

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Brendan Rodgers suggests Suarez punishment is excessive

  1. Gary, you’re right. This was dreadful and no mistaking it. He has brought shame and ridicule on the team just look at the headlines and the jokes. That no. 7 shirt is special and quite frankly, whilst his playing might be amazing his personality is dangerous. Why have a striker like him on the bench for 10 matches what good is he doing anyone there?

  2. Brendan – Stop comparing the Suarez incident with that of Defoe’s. You make it sound like you believe that Suarez should have got off scot free. Defoe should have received a 6 game ban, but he didn’t because of the rules at the time. The 10 game ban for Suarez is therefore justified on the basis that this is not a first offence.

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