Danish newspaper suggests Liverpool v Debrecan game under scrutiny

* Since this article was published, Debrecen have confirmed that the game is under investigation

According to the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet the Liverpool - Debrecan Champions League game from 2009 forms part of the European match-fixing scandal.

They suggest that the Debrecan keeper, Vucasin Poleksic of Montenegro, was bribed  by criminal betting syndicates to ensure that he conceded 3 goals against Liverpool at Anfield.  As it was Liverpool only won 1-0 in the fixture thanks to a Dirk Kuyt goal. (Read our match report from that game here)

Despite this newspaper article, a Liverpool FC spokesman has today said they have had no contact from UEFA or Europol on the matter.

The reds never made it out of the group stage in what was our last appearance in the Champions League, although we did reach the semi-final of the Europa League that year - in what would be Rafa Benitez' final season in charge.

A total of 680 matches worldwide are under scrutiny, and the newspaper also links the keeper with another Debrecan game in that group - in their match against Fiorentina.  Fiorentina beat Debrecen 5-2 in Italy.

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Danish newspaper suggests Liverpool v Debrecan game under scrutiny

  1. Why are they making a big thing about Liverpool being involved? Ekstra Bladet don’t have any proof only hearsay and at the time of going to press there where 6 English teams in the frame, but no, the press as is there wont pluck Liverpool out of the list and spread it all over the world. The press are pure scum and ours are the worst.

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