New LFC Away Kit and Third Kit 2013-14 – Update

More images have been posted online of next season's Liverpool away shirt and third shirt.

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The images confirm our original post back in February this year in which we showed all three of the new Liverpool kits.

According to the user on twitter locowio the images were released from sportswear brand Warrior after a file mix up.

New LFC Away Kit 2013-14

New LFC Away Kit 2013-14

New LFC Third Kit 2013-14

New LFC Third Kit 2013-14


18 comments on
New LFC Away Kit and Third Kit 2013-14 – Update

  1. You won’t be able to walk down the street without kids staring and asking if it’s a dolphin in the mistaken belief you’ve got a magic eye design on your belly.

  2. Typical..all the negative posts….beauty is in the eye of the beholder(no im not blind either) but after my first laugh i think they’re great and for the first time i will get the 3rd shirt… the team and wear the kit regardless..we’ll all get used to it….goalkeeper needs too!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. To me they are better than last season.the only problem i’ve they should have add some red n yellow sprinkles in the armpit.

  4. dont think the away kit is too bad apart from the pixelated graphics at the bottom. same for the third kit, very american. warrior have some really good ideas with the home shirts and then undermine their efforts with lazyness for the rest. why not just have variations in colour of the home kit. i think a black kit very similar to the new home kit would be extremely popular. maybe even a golden yellow for the third kit. its a shame really as kit sales could be a massive revenue raiser, especially abroad where most Liverpool fans dont have to spend a fortune on season tickets, the shirt is the biggest expense they face apart from getting a steady broadcaster so they can watch the game. i would love to be in the position of wearing the Liverpool jersey but these would definitely take the edge of your debut thats for sure.

  5. Not only we have to fight for a top 4 finish whilst retaining our star players, now we have to suffer watching the team play in such horrible strips. Save us, have we not suffered enough …

    • I just don’t get it. I thought players need to feel comfortable in a kit… How can you feel good knowing you actually look like a clown from the 80’s. Plus, you’re on TV. what a joke.

  6. Who are these designers ? Where did they learn that these designs will sell? I was not a fan of the “bring back Adidas”
    clan, but I could change my mind soon. For f**** sake, stick to plain
    designs and everyone will be happy. This look so cheap it wouldn’t even
    fit on a street market in Thailand. Come on…

  7. DON’T BUY THEM!!! thats the only way they will learn, last year everyone went on about how bad the away/third kits were yet i still saw a lot of people wearing them. Just buy the home kit (which is nice) and then next year they might make something better.

  8. Warrior must be filled with down right lazy, sloppy and unimaginative ppl. First off, these must be the worst looking kit i have seen in decades, they beat last season’s away crap by a good mile. I think my neighbourhood shop selling fake jersey does a better job in design. Secondly, the photos were leaked months before this and they were already slammed by everyone. Who in Warrior constantly leaks shirt designs for 2 years in a row? The worst thing is after everyone slammed the leaked design, they still went ahead to produce them. God save us. I will rather go bare than to wear these craps and i have bottomless pity for our boys having to wear these onto the field. Maybe Warrior staffs should wear them to work and see if anyone can endure the sore sight.

  9. this is so lame! why!!?!?! the only thing worth wearing on that shirt is the LFC liver bird… seriously sew that onto their skin!! apauling away and third kits! warrior not making any money from shirt sales this season..

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