Reports: Luis Suarez staying and set to sign new contract

Reports from Uruguay indicate that Luis Suarez accepts he will be staying at Liverpool, with mentions of a contract extension.

Uruguayan journalist Martin Charquero reported in El Observador this morning:

"Luis Suarez has confirmed to me that he will not be leaving Liverpool. The support of the fans in the last few weeks has influenced his decision."

"Suarez sees it as probable that he will renew his contract with Liverpool."

Suarez is currently with Uruguay on international duty as they took on Japan - in a game that saw Suarez add to his international goal tally.

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Reports: Luis Suarez staying and set to sign new contract

  1. dont care if he apologize or not, as long he play for liverpool and score many goals and stay as professional..we should appreciate torress, he is not from liverpool, why should he be loyal like steve G did to liverpool, Gerrard is local lad, suarez is not..

  2. Well.. Anybody else slightly speechless about this change in scenario? I don’t care what he does to be perfectly honest, he doesn’t even need to apologise as far as I’m concerned, I just want him to give his all on the pitch when he does play for us. He plays for himself not the club- It’s his career, his shot, and his only opportunity.

  3. Hard to believe anything this guy says. The support of the fans my arse. No doubt any new contract will have a buy-out clause related to champions league participation. Perhaps a new agent might be in order too Luis. I despair.

    • Actually you can’t blame him for wanting another contract, if he can swing it – more money and proper buyout clause – it’s just shame he didn’t negotiate that a few weeks ago and commit to Liverpool for 12 months.
      If he gets stuck in for the season at least we have some chance of CL, so we may as well put it to bed and let the matter drop – committed he is probably the best we can get bar none.

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