Sahin moves to Dortmund

Liverpool's season long loan agreement with Nuri Sahin has ended.

The 23 year old midfielder was on loan from Real Madrid, but the Turkish international has now moved to his former club, Borussia Dortmund, on an 18 month loan.

Sahin had scored 3 times in only 12 appearances but has now been deemed surplus to requirements by Brendan Rodgers.

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Sahin moves to Dortmund

  1. Absolute pathetic bit of business and money wasting , when we watched him , did we watch him? He must have played as a deep sitting midfield player , his position but we never once played him in that position . Why ? An absolute waste of money . How much a week has he had out of LFC in the few months he’s been there 50 / 60 grand a week , more , it’s an effing joke not that he’s come and gone that happens but that he was never played in his position . Someone get a grip please . We pay a lot of money to go thru them turnstiles , don’t be wasting it on some effing whim .

  2. rodgers allowed sahinto leave without replacement same like other time when they allowed players to leave without replacement at last they were crying out for help it’s a pithy .

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