Brendan Rodgers: Pre Hull City press conference dominated by Madrid hangover

Less than 24 hours after the defeat against Real Madrid, Brendan Rodgers was in front of the media again in theory to discuss Saturday's Premier League clash at Anfield against Hull City.

Questions about Balotelli, and the action Rodgers would take, dominated the early questions, but the manager insisted that Balotelli was trying 'very very hard' and 'doing his best'.

Rodgers responded:

"Any action would be kept within ourselves.

"We've had a conversation. Case closed.

"I think the boy is trying very, very hard and long-term we will see how that works out for him.

"He is working hard to improve to score goals and boost his chances.

"As long as he is doing his best, I can't ask for anymore.

"Whether that best is good enough long-term who knows. But that's the same for any player.

"I like players who are different. But as long as they don't see themselves as individual. They have to be part of the team."

Rodgers was asked about Rickie Lambert, forced to sit out games on the bench despite Balotelli's poor form.

"Rickie has always been clear of his position and he knew he would get games and not always be a starter.

"He's a great guy and he's playing his role in training every day and he will look to impress.

"He wants to score that first goal for the club."

Rodgers said there was no current timescale on when Daniel Sturridge would be fit.

"You take the goal threat out that we had last year and it has an impact.

"It hasn't been as fluid or as affective but we are trying to master that.

"When Daniel plays, it gives us that fluidity. We want him to get back as soon as he can."

Briefly on Hull he added the standard fare.

"Steve (Bruce) has done an excellent job and they're coming here on the back of a good result.

"We recognise it's a difficult game for us but Anfield is a special place for us to play and we go into every home game to win.

"We will look to do that on Saturday."

Liverpool take on Hull City on Saturday afternoon.

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