FIFA ban Suarez from ALL football for four months

Luis Suarez has been handed a worldwide ban by FIFA.

A worldwide ban of four months, which will affect Liverpool - and a 9 game international ban.

Luis Suarez meets Giorgio Chiellini

He would be unable to play for Liverpool until the 27th October, missing a potential 9 Premier League games, 3 Champions League games and Liverpool's 3rd Round League Cup fixture.

Suarez has also been fined around £65,000.

Uruguay have three days to appeal against the decision.

A FIFA statement read:

"Such behaviour cannot be tolerated on any football pitch and, in particular, not at a Fifa World Cup when the eyes of millions of people are on the stars on the field" - Claudio Sulser, chairman of the Fifa disciplinary committee.

Under the terms of the ban Suarez cannot enter the confines of any stadium - but he could still be transferred to another football club.  He is not even allowed to train with his club.

LFC issued the following statement:

"Liverpool Football Club will wait until we have seen and had time to review the Fifa Disciplinary Committee report before making any further comment."

Games Suarez will miss

Southampton (H)
Man City (A)
Spurs (A)
Villa (H)
Champions League Game 1
West Ham (A)
League Cup Round 3
Everton (H)
Champions League Game 2
West Brom (H)
Champions League Game 3
Hull City (H)

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2 comments on
FIFA ban Suarez from ALL football for four months

  1. Already scousers bleating with Aldridge on Sky Sports News saying unfair to ban him for Liverpool as when Ivanovic incident occurred & he was banned, Suarez was able to play for Uruguay.
    So thick as that incident was under our FA jurisdiction & if Liverpool had been in Champs/Europa Lges he could have played.
    Latest incident was under FIFA jurisdiction which encompasses Worldwide game.
    Liverpool should fine him 4 months wages as he’s let them down & won’t be available to play for them but no doubt that as usual they will revel in playing the victim!

  2. Very harsh on Liverpool. Feel little sympathy for the player but seems strange that LFC will take the brunt of this rather than the team he was representing at the time.

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