FIFA opens disciplinary proceedings over Luis Suarez ‘bite’

Luis Suárez's fate will be decided by an FIFA disciplinary commitee who have opened proceedings into yesterday's alleged bite on Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini.

Luis Suarez meets Giorgio Chiellini

FIFA have given the Uruguayan player until 5pm local time to make representations to the committee.

Jim Boyce, a FIFA vice-president and head of the referee committee was quoted as saying:

"I have watched the incident several times on television. There is no doubt Luis Suárez is a fantastic footballer but, once again, his actions have left him open to severe criticism.

"Fifa must investigate the incident seriously and take whatever disciplinary action deemed necessary."

Suarez himself gave this verdict (which has been translated) after the match:

"These situations happen on the pitch. We were both just inside the area; he struck me in the chest with his shoulder and he hit me in the eye as well.

"These are things that happen on the pitch and you shouldn't attach so much importance to them. I'm very happy to have qualified. We are taking each game as it comes. We know that we're in a difficult situation; we're at our limits now."

Suarez was handed a 7 match ban for a biting incident whilst at Ajax, before being given a 10 game ban by the FA last year for a similar incident.

FIFA can hand out up to a 24 match or 2 year ban.

14 comments on
FIFA opens disciplinary proceedings over Luis Suarez ‘bite’

  1. Suarez is a disgrace! A disgrace to his family! A disgrace to his club! A disgrace to his country! And a disgrace to football! I just dare anybody to even try and defend him after this!
    He is a cheat! A convicted racist! And has assaulted players by biting them in three separate incidents! A two year ban just wouldn’t be long enough!
    I feel a bit sorry for LFC who despite every reason not to, defended this loony even though the evidence was overwhelmingly against him and it tarnished the clubs good name.
    Where they go from here I don’t know!

      • So that’s ok then! If you can’t control your temper then it’s fine to either head but somebody or just bite them?
        How can you even contemplate defending these actions?

        • I was just saying that the Italians dish it out, then………….
          Until I see irrefutable proof.

        • I’ve seen some footage. I’ve seen the hang-dog expression of Adrian Chiles attempting expressing self-righteous indignation.
          And I’ve seen photoshopped photos of Chiellini.
          Nothing from the far side of the pitch, which would surely give a better angle, but I wait with baited breath.

        • Come on mate, you are not doing yourself any favours here.
          There is a reverse angle from the actual game footage shown live at the time of the game that clearly shows him biting the italian defender!
          What more do you need?

        • I’ve just seen a slo-mow and admit it looks a double-chomp.
          Looks like FIFA have seen the evidence they need too… 🙁
          Still bemused with the double-standards of the English media though. What Sakho did last night was a disgrace, but Shearer explained it away as part of the game.
          Time for someone to sit down with Luis and try and sort his head out. And maybe some money back on our season tickets, because I pay to watch him.

        • Sorry mate! It’s you and the rest of the fans I feel for! You all stand by him and have defended him after his continued bad behaviour and this is how he repays you!

        • Ps… The last bit (ha) should have read hope the club wakes up and does the decent thing this time! (I was not mocking! )mate

      • Unfortunately I think you are spot on! Despite indisputable evidence to the contrary FIFA/blatter will bottle it! Pretty much like the ref did at the time!

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