Liverpool wipe the floor with the dirty Mancs of Old Trafford

Premier League
Sunday 16 March 2014 - 1:30 pm
Old Trafford
Man Utd0
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Liverpool handed out a rare league double to a hapless Manchester United - coached by a hopeless manager and employing hopeless £30M players such as Marouanne Fellaini.

But the gigantic football imposter wasn't solely to blame for Liverpool's rout.


It had more to do with the fact Liverpool are good and United are just, erm, not very good.

In fairness Liverpool should have completed this fixture within the first 20 minutes. Sturridge had an off day and fluffed some glorious chances to send Liverpool on their way.

After a niggling first half between Flanagan and Rafael (both picked up first half yellow's), Rafael decided to handle the ball whilst Suarez was goalbound.

Fortunately for United, the referee decided against sending off the 4 foot cheating get, and just awarded a penalty.

Gerrard smashed it in to give Liverpool a deserved lead.

If you expected an immediate United response you were in for a disappointment.  The sorry looking Moyes-outfit failed in any rearguard action,

Second half then - let's go.

Almost immediately Liverpool were handed a second penalty.  This time due to elastic-faced Phil Jones' attempt at playing horsey on the back of Daniel Sturridge.

Gerrard, faced with the difficult task of a second penalty, decided to put it in the same direction as his first. De Gea was nowhere near. 2-0.

There was little incident until Man United, breaking new records as they seem, fancied giving Liverpool a third penalty.  This one was perhaps a little harsh - so in the spirit of the game Gerrard elected to miss this one - firing it at the left hand post.


Liverpool do cut United a break.

So, anyway, feeling bad about being only 2-0 up - the mighty reds thought it only fair that we finally slotted home that third.

Seems only fair then that a man wearing his new football boots made out of wool should score.

Well done Luis Suarez - who created a chance all for himself before firing home to complete the rout.

Liverpool complete  a Premier League double over Man United - and to be honest - we were not at our best for either game.

The reds are four points behind Chelsea, with a game in hand - plus the opportunity to face the Cockney outfit at Anfield.

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Liverpool wipe the floor with the dirty Mancs of Old Trafford

  1. A totally unbiased report on yesterdays game, however totally true as well. When you think about it red nose did a good job last year in getting this same team to win the title, but then bailing out at the right time as he could see what was going to happen this season and letting somebody else take the fall. But now you Mancs its time to realise that your glory days are over for now, just like they were for Liverpool, times change and so do great teams like Liverpool and we are now getting back to where we belong and you mancs have the long painful road ahead of you just like we had for many years

  2. Did you see that nasty woman United fan shouting at Coutinho? lol. Feels bloody brilliant Liverpool having a better team than United. Now they feel the pain we’ve felt and doubt they’re liking it very much. Most their fans will probably go support Chelsea or City anyway.

    • Smith, ur joy will last only up till the day we sack moyes. We know we have a great team but a poor manager. We are disappointed that we could not beat u with 10 men with clattenburg on your side. Was it the clattenburg who ignored toure hdball against villa?

      • Junaith u have to be jokin a Manure fan moanin the ref was on the opponents side???And by the time has been Vidic was sent off you where anhialated
        Just like Red nose ur a poooooor loserbut a loser no less

      • No you have a poor team. fergie saw the light and did a runner so that he would not take the blame for the shambles that is the current Man U squad.

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