Brendan Rodgers suggests a campaign to oust him from Anfield

Brendan Rodgers has used his post match press conference to hit out at unnamed forces who 'don't want him at Anfield'.

Brendan Rodgers Press Conference (Anfield Online)

After his first win in 5 Premier League games some may have expected Rodgers to have quietly expressed pleasure in the result but buoyed by a victory the Liverpool manager went a little further.

"I never worry about the players, the players have been absolutely brilliant. This group here work very hard.

He had more to say however:

"Of course there's a lot of hysteria and I think that continues.

"I'm pretty confident that there's obviously a group of people who don't want me here as the manager.

"But certainly from my perspective I look at it in all competitions we've lost less games than Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal.

"And we've lost two games which is equivalent to Manchester United and Tottenham but obviously the hysteria around ourselves is interesting to note.

"From myself and the players we're staying very calm and working very hard every day knowing we'll get our rewards for it -and today they got their rewards. I'm delighted for them."

Rodgers was pushed further on his allegations, his response:

“I am talking about people outside of here.”

“I think it's pretty clear. If you look, sometimes we haven't lost games or we have lost games and not performed well, but I think the hysteria around it is pretty clear that there's maybe something else going on from behind.

“But for me I will continue to work with the players, they've been absolutely first class and we'll continue to work on our game and we've got more top class players to come back in."

Back to the game he commented.

“It's a good performance but we can't get carried away. We've played well but we've played well gradually. Started to create. Over the last three games we've had about 80 shots. But today we were clinical and got our rewards.

"(Sturridge) was outstanding. We missed Sturridge for over a year - he makes the difference and helps you compete. His finishes were exceptional. He's not at his level of fitness yet.

Liverpool won through 3-2 over Aston Villa who are now firmly set in the relegation zone.

Rodgers now has another home game against FC Sion before two more challenging Premier League games against Everton and Spurs away.

Liverpool's improvement will have to continue for the mysterious group of people to stay silent.


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Brendan Rodgers suggests a campaign to oust him from Anfield

  1. One of the main differences between us and some of those clubs mentioned is that Rodgers is one of the longest serving managers in the league and doesn’t have the pedigree that others may use to evidence success is forthcoming. That and the fact that we’ve been crap over a year now, not just over a couple of games this season.

  2. Shut up…just shut up Rodgers! Conspiracy? You have demonstrated putrid management for more than a year. What’s worse is the horrible team selection, tactics and football on display. A win against a terrible Villa side..whoop-dee-doo. Couldn’t you just shut up? Your ego continues to write checks your talent can’t cash. Let’s see what you do the next four games…and seriously, comparing your record against ManCity and Chelsea? Last I looked, they ard in the CL and you ard not. Shut up.


    Leader of the Rodgers Out Conspiracy Front

  3. Buga buga buga they’re out to get you its got absolutely nothing to do with the excruciatingly brutal and embarrassing football that you as manager of Liverpool have served up over the last 16 months including a mortifying champs league campaign last season. What a complete fantasist change to Walter Mitty and be done with it Bodgers you clown.

  4. if he won’t name this “mysterious group” perhaps he could put their names in envelopes and reveal them at the end of the season

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