LFC owners to stick with Rodgers – will the fans?

LFC's owners will stick with Brendan Rodgers despite a disappointing season which ended with Liverpool's heaviest league defeat for over 50 years.

Brendan Rodgers is under pressure now at Liverpool

Brendan Rodgers has struggled at Liverpool this season

Rodgers became the first LFC manager in half a century to fail to land a trophy in his first three seasons - but the clubs American owners have their eyes on bigger concerns than on the pitch performance - namely the building of a new Main Stand and the sale of the football club for what is set to hand them at least £500M in profit.

Two weeks after the season, club co-owner Tom Werner finally made it on to a plane and held discussions with the Liverpool manager today in what was called a 'comprehensive review meeting'.

Journalists had already been briefed over the previous fortnight that Brendan Rodgers would remain as reds boss - and following today's talks this decision has been cemented.

Liverpool are currently completing deals for 29 old James Milner and Burnley's Danny Ings - Ings contract ends with the relegated side on the 1st July.

Ian Ayre, the current club supremo and the shadowy figures of the transfer committee will now have more attention shifted to them as fans demand answers for what appears to have been a costly and misguided transfer policy that has seen Liverpool spend £200M+ in three years on below par footballers.

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LFC owners to stick with Rodgers – will the fans?

  1. with out suarez barca wouldn’t have got their treble!,,,we’re gonna end up like the blue noses,,, a full ground and nowt to show.

  2. Oh dear! The best thing that FSG should do at the end of 15/16 season is fire the transfer committee, Brendan Rodgers and his staff and then FSG can throw in the towel. I think us the fans would have booed Rodgers out before Christmas 2015. I have to repeat myself time and again, that FSG should realise this is the EPL and not MLS where moneyball does not apply. Oh dear!

    • No. FSG is a American LLC, private partnership. All of the members have to agree on fiscal policy and who joins the group. Obviously the fiscal policy is to be fiscally responsible. Therefore not a sugar daddy among the entire group. Even if a sugar daddy attempted to join the group, it only takes one to deny the sugar daddy membership. Obviously that leaves any fan out of the picture.

  3. Gob smacked how stupid FSG are to put it lightly, next season Rodgers needs to hit the ground running as the fans will turn on him and FSG like a pack of wild dogs in no time. It seems to be a case of a board that doesn’t listen to the ones that matter the most us fans. It’s like the board are deaf to the people who keep the club alive through thick and thin, buying all the shirts and scarfs and paying top dollar for the seats at matches the fans know more about football than the majority of the idiots running our club and the underwhelming signings made season in season out are made even when every supporter says ‘NO’ they go and do it anyway! What makes them right and 100’s of thousands of devoted football fans wrong? There is a distinct ignorance and arrogance to the whole thing! Teams win trophies signing top players and appointing top managers it’s not rocket science! It’s a formula that has worked since the game began and no matter how hard they try to create a new formula it will always come back to that old formula that has made us, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Muncih, The Manc’s so succesful and that just signings young unproven talent alone won’t work you also need that quality and experience. The Manc’s had youth when they lifted the prem but they also had proven experienced players with the team like Bruce, Pallister, McLair, Bryan Robson and even bought in these players over time in the likes of Henrik Llarson, Cantona, Van Persie, Van Nistelrooy, Blanc etc……Arsenal had Adams, Keown, Seaman, Wright already in the team…Blackburn under King Kenny had Flowers, Hendry, Sherwood, Newell etc…So my point being is experience and quality players are essential ingredients they cost more but the impact they give wins leagues….Gary McAllister is the perfect example for us and the board need to recognise it.

  4. Fsg think they have the right man the fans think they don’t it will turn out to be another disastrous season . 3 years in charge and I see nothing any better than when he walked in to lfc .last season was no more than a fluke are defensive records as turned out to be just as bad as last year if not worse .all I can say Suarez replacement Lambert ballotelli borini has not got a clue

  5. I say to all true LFC fans, start boycotting matches, while Rogers is in charge and wake FSG from their comatose state!, BEFORE it’s TOO LATE!!

  6. If Bodgers seriously wants to get back in the fans good books he should give away mighty mouse Joe Allen first thing in the morning. Never gonna happen though not he’s darling little Joe. He’d rather get rid of Steve Gerrard first oh yeah he’s already done that.

  7. I’m absolutely pissed off that this clown has not been sacked, really fsg are you for real? What is going on at our great club people im stuck for words, fsg you need to sell our club to someone who cares about the football club cause obviously you don’t.

  8. O K At least we now know – That is good for the Club – BUT if we are to compete B R must stop repeating the same mistakes over and over again =” FOOTBALL IS A SIMPLE GAME COMPLICATED BY IDIOTS -” Shanks. Now lets see you working every hour until August B R – you were bloody awful last 3 months – WORK WORK WORK -You may have got the o k from F S G but you need the o k of the fans 1000 times more. START SELLING THE CRAP TOMORROW AND DONT THROW MONEY AWAY LIKE £32 million Benteke – what a joke

  9. The only transfer news that will help the club is the manager! Not necessarily because of formations or tactics, it’s the inability to attract quality players! Our table finish and lack of a big name manager keep us stuck in mediocrity! Bringing in Klopp should be the only thing on FSG’s mind! It would actually cost less in the terms of hundreds of millions being spent on mid level players. Buy out Rogers, bring in Klopp and give him full go of transfers! It’s the only way this club is going to move forward. Without that, we have another year of wasted cash and a squad that (even if they overachieve) couldn’t seriously compete in europe!

  10. I agree Brendan deserves another season, after taking us so close to the title, albeit this was more down to Suarez, other teams being poor and having a good run of home games.
    But the ‘Rafa facts’ are his European record is appalling for a Liverpool manager, Liverpool’s defensive record is relegation standard. Liverpool don’t play with any recognised style and he has not got the best out of his signing. If Liverpool only aim for top 4 they need to spend over £100 m this summer, even then the players were linked with are not exactly the best Beneteke, Milner, Klyne and Inges really aren’t Liverpool players. Rogers has had 4 seasons as a premiership manager, to be honest Liverpool need someone with experience

    • @Pmred>>> Stop contradicting yourself!, one minute you want to give Rogers another year (Insanity strikes again?), next minute, you are saying that, and quote>>>Liverpool need someone with experience, unquote, Now when I snap my fingers…………………………CLUELESS BRENDA, needs to GO NOW!!

  11. what is objective of the next season? all under the eighth success !!! This is a tragedy and comedy IN A SINGLE !!!

  12. Excellent news!!!! Particularly for fans of ManU, Spurs and S’ton as this means there will be less competition next season for the 4th to 6th spots in the EPL table. Bad news for Crystal P., Stoke and other mid table cannon fodder as there will be more competition for EPL palces 7-10.
    It seems that the Yankees decided to ruin this club.

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